On my

Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "Goodwin's on my plate, not yours.", "You stepped on my spirit turtle."
I need to work on my tan anyway. By the way, i realize that i have a large mole on my face. Well, i'm on my bed, and i'm on my hands and knees... I'm on my way. I'm on my way out. Lets me keep an eye on my enemies. I could be sitting here with just pee stains on my rug. On my dad's side. I joined up to get out on my own, and you had to tag along. On my honour. On my territory. The calendar on my desk has the birthdays Badge on my belt says detective. No more attempts on my father's life. And on my way back to find bubba, Since hitler's death or possible rescue rests solely on my reaction, That's 150 on my 100. Anything on my bucket list would involve public nudity. I had a down payment on my house and things were really rolling. On my kids, i'm clean. Last time i seen you, you had your hands on my... On my mark. ...cheating on my mom. I'd like to have edward meechum serve on my detail. Swear on my life. Immediate dustoff on my clear, then stay on station. And somebody puts a code on my desk. I'm on my mobile, if you need me. I like to know people will be on my side exactly when i need them to be. Tell him i'm on my way up. I'm on my way back to school. I swear on my life. When i get up in the morning and i'm putting on my uniform, you know what i recognise? I felt the dirt warm on my back. Kevin's blood is on my hands, and that ain't ever getting clean. Believe it or not, i found this on my car. I'm allowed to have plans on my birthday. On my way to sickbay. Princeton plainsboro wasn't even on my list. Looks like god is on my side today. You're not walking out on my sister. I need you to sit in on my differentials, double check everything i do. Sorry, i got grease on my hands. And then i will be going on my way. You turned up on my doorstep with a new haircut and a suit. On my whistle. You're on my turf now, boys. ...on my telescope... The police said it was too soon to do anything, so i started calling hospitals on my own. She was a bad investment on my part. I must say i received a slightly warmer welcome on my last visit. On my way. I just accepted an offer on my house. Then swear on my life that you didn't sleep with her. You're the one who went to call on my late, lamented mother in law. I got a genius on my hands. You are trespassing on my land! Messing around on a 22 year old hottie with your wife on my sofa. On my own, i fear i may not do as well. On my bed, in my clothes like a flipping kid. I wish i could just strap on my wings, but i'm sorry, no dice. On my sofa. It's not on my head. On my desk? I'm constantly on my feet. I live on my own. I didn't want to get mink oil on my bedspread. I was on my day off, man. Kind of stepped on my point there, mon. You are scored on my heart, clark. Plus, on my team, you get to screw with foreman. All rest on my shoulders. Stupid guy on my phone. The sweat on my brow, that food is. I was on my way home. No, i'm on my way to the airport right now. You should be on my side. I mean, on my arms and my legs and my... Are there any more of your friends i should look out for on my way? I will not have you dying on my behalf. Just give this a try on my count. I was on my own. I'm better off on my own. Less stress on my pancreas, still battle the infection. You call me on my cell, never at the office. I've heard of those journeys on my side of the water. I'll probably burn this meat off on my way to vegas. You're trying on my shoes? Prepare to beam me aboard on my signal. What response on my part would bring this conversation to a speedy conclusion? I actually came here to update you on my trip to seattle. You stepped on my spirit turtle. Goodwin's on my plate, not yours. my on