Okay buddy

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Be brutal iike you were before, okay, buddy?", "They're coming after you, okay, buddy?", "Okay buddy. you keep your head down."
That's okay, buddy. It's okay, buddy, hold it together. See you. okay, buddy, love you. You're okay, eric. you're okay, buddy. Okay, buddy. all right, yes. Okay, buddy. You okay, buddy? cavalry's here. Got ya. i can see you. okay, buddy. You okay, buddy? you look tired. That's okay, buddy. that's perfectly all right. All right, phil. okay, buddy. Oh, you okay, buddy? It'll be okay. buddy! It's big. gigantic. you okay, buddy? It's okay, buddy you? ma'am, please, i got my own boy to worry about You okay, buddy? Okay, buddy. okay. It's okay. it's okay, buddy, i got you. You're okay. you're okay, buddy. Get your rest, okay, buddy? Okay, buddy? see you later. You okay, buddy? you're all right. You have a great weekend, okay, buddy? It's okay, buddy. you're okay. Okay, buddy? It's okay, buddy! it's okay! You okay, buddy? oh, don't "okay, buddy" me. You gotta watch this, okay, buddy? fucking guard this. Are you okay, buddy? i'm gonna drop myself down now. They got a good spot for you, okay, buddy? Hey, you okay, buddy? Okay, buddy, good night. I'm okay, buddy. thanks. this is good. Okay, buddy, what the hell do you think this is? Okay, buddy, you just go with this, okay? okay, let's sit. can you sit? Okay, buddy. here we go, general's on his way. He's coming right at us, mav. okay, buddy. what's on your mind? Are you okay, buddy? Okay, buddy, what's going on? Johnny, it's okay, buddy. it's okay. Okay, buddy, i've been waiting to talk to her... No, that's okay, buddy. i want daddy to put me to bed! It's okay, buddy. everything... Okay, buddy? there you go. there you go. Ted, you okay, buddy? johnny, thank god! Okay buddy. It's okay. here, come here. okay, buddy. Okay, buddy. final offer. nonnegotiable. Okay buddy. you keep your head down. They're coming after you, okay, buddy? Be brutal iike you were before, okay, buddy? buddy okay