Oh hello there

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Oh hello there, mr. vogelin.", "Oh, hello there. have a seat.", "All right. oh, hello there, friend.", "And here is what i think is the... oh, hello, there.", "Oh. hello there, neighbour. i, um..."
Oh, hello there. Oh, hello, there. Oh, hello there. good morning. Oh, oh, hello there. do you know my daughter, violet? Oh, hello there. my name's bert. what's yours? Oh, hello there, brother boy. Oh, hello there, hello there. Oh, hello there, calling me again in the wee hours of the morning? Oh, hello there, sir. thank you very much. Oh, hello, there, dean higgins. Oh. hello, there. um... Oh, hello there. sounds like trouble again. Oh, hello there. what's your name? Oh, hello there. hola. Go and make us a cuppa. hello? oh, hello there, mrs. hanning. Uh... oh, hello there, i'm gabi's mom. Oh. hello, there. Oh! hello, there. Oh, hello there. who are you? Oh. hello there, neighbour. i, um... And here is what i think is the... oh, hello, there. All right. oh, hello there, friend. Oh, hello there. have a seat. Oh hello there, mr. vogelin. hello there oh hello