No no i mean

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "No, no, no, i mean have you really seen it?", "Please be quiet. no, no. i mean it."
No. no, i mean, bigger than you... No, no. i mean, a famous actor. Friday. no, no, i mean the date. No, no. i mean, they saw us. No, no, no, i mean, i was just wondering, you know... Well, no, no, no, i mean, not a good friend. You can't? no, no, i mean No. no, i mean do what's necessary. No, no. i mean, loaded down like this in a fifteen vehicle... No, no, no. i mean it's good. No, no. i mean, excuse me, but no. i beg your pardon? No, no. i mean a good movie. No, no, i mean doin' it at my house. afraid of gettin' caught? No. no, i mean... No. no, i mean i was wondering why you asked me along tonight, and now i know you just needed a ringer, so... No. no, i mean... just for a minute, a couple of things. No, no, i mean the ball, not the other players. No, no, i mean... twins. No, no, no, no. i mean, i'm the angel, dude. No, no, no. i mean that as a compliment. i love that. No, no, i mean it. it's awesome. No, no. i mean my wife is gonna liberate me. No, no. no, i mean your thriving business. Screw you, pal. no. no, i mean, i can probably... No, no, no, i mean you, man. No. no, i mean that we can't be together. No, no. i mean especially kind. No, no, i mean the suitcases. No, no, i mean, i want to fuck you. Please be quiet. no, no. i mean it. No, no, no, i mean have you really seen it? no i mean no no i