No i mean

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "No, i mean, people wouldn't leave.", "No. i mean i might have kids.", "No, i mean if i got you a hand job.", "No, i mean up there at the top.", "No, i mean with the store, man."
No, i mean, why are you asking me? No, i mean to get home after the walk. No, i mean your name. No. i mean, come on. No. i mean, how long? Ha, ha. no, i mean it. No. no, i mean, bigger than you... No, i mean, i'm telling you. No, i mean we can't do that. No i mean... pretend that she is real? Well, no! i mean, we have plans. Well, no, no, no, i mean, not a good friend. No, i mean, we'll call you. You can't? no, no, i mean No, i mean which one do you wanna watch first? No, i mean i know you will. No, i mean, if you had to choose between 'em. No? what do you mean no? i mean no. No. i mean, yeah. What? no. i mean, she... No, i mean, this is horrible. No, i mean after the war. No, i mean, we really are not having it. No. i mean, you're okay. No. i mean the mobster having a gay son. that's ironic. No, i mean, uh... george brought him in. No, i mean, like, a tip. oh, okay. No, i mean i literally just stepped off the plane. No, i mean, with your life. No, i mean, they can't do that. "so far”? no, i mean, No, i mean, i'm... i'm not working. No, i mean here. now. Uh, you... no, i mean... heh. No. i mean, i'm not a shop boy. No, i mean it. No. i mean, i do sleep with... No, no, no. i mean it's good. No, i mean the afro and everything. Oh, no. i mean, thank you. but... No, i mean, you know, like the wizard of oz. Toast is the only food... no, i mean, that is a really confusing position. Uh, no, i mean the huge piece of information that you're trying to just blow right past. No. i mean, yes. but i mean i'll... No. i mean, you can't No, i mean where did you grow up? marblehead. No. i mean, are you serious about killing him? No, i mean like before. No. i mean i mean, it wasn't planned out. No! i mean, honestly. No, i mean they're gone. split. out of here. afterlife kids. No. i mean, i just wish... No, i mean you right now, not if you were somebody else. No. i mean, for real. No, i mean in your pregnancy. No. i mean, he was No, i mean... you know. No, i mean bad. No? i mean, does it have to be that key? No, no, i mean... twins. No, no. i mean a good movie. No, no, no, i mean, i was just wondering, you know... No. i mean, literally. he took all the records. No. i mean... no, that's not it. No. no, i mean... No, i mean i'm back on the bike. No, i mean, in the guest house. No, i mean, he had a heart attack. No. i mean. No, i mean, who's gonna take care of you? cook? No. i mean yes, that's right, i didn't speak. No, i mean, definitely wouldn't agree. No, i mean more like a plan. No, i mean, camera shot. No, i mean now. i'd like to read one of your essays now. No. i mean, of course, i... No. i mean, the holy church. No, i mean of the other press. Oh no, i mean, i'm thinking about it. No, i mean they don't have any tongues. No, i mean down there. No, i mean i love your house. No, i mean it, that's very hot. No, i mean, i thought they were gonna make you all g. i. jane, No, i mean i do like foster, but i No, i mean, if it's fine with you, i'll be your date. No, i mean, like, detailed. No, no. i mean, a famous actor. Yeah. no, i mean, like, what's a story about you? Oh. yeah, why? uh, no, i mean, uh, it's... No, i mean what do the letters mean? No. i mean, no, not right now. No, i mean, i'm not going to the reception. No, i mean, it's just... No. i mean, yes. yes. No, i mean with the store, man. No, i mean up there at the top. No, i mean if i got you a hand job. No. i mean i might have kids. No, i mean, people wouldn't leave. i mean no i