No i

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "No... i can't."
No, i really came to tell you that our business deal has to be put on hold. No. no, i wouldn't. No, no, no, i kill the bus driver. ... but i do. no, i meant every word. No, i don't. No, i do mind. the dude minds. When my sister said "no," i thought... maybe my old friend susan would wanna have lunch with me. No. i find that hard to believe. No, i asked my wife to organize that. No, i shit you not. life is really weird. No, i can't do that. No! i think you're very attractive. No. i have friends on their way, to collect evidence. No. i just... want to handle it by myself from now on. This is a bunch of bullshit. no, no, i swear. You don't have pets do you? no, i don't. No, i mean it. find him. get him home. No, i don't. i don't want food. No. i said i was gonna blow my brains out. No, i haven't refused. No, i don't want your suffering. No. i... executive sales manager. No, no, i was just, uh, running some experiments. No, i don't believe it. No, i never stop. No, no, i just... Phll: no, i haven't. good, let's keep it that way, okay? Oh, no, i can do her. No, i won't be able to live with myself if i don't. No. no, i can't spend the night here. No, i... Uh... no. no i uh i've got some history i wanna do. No, i want it more, sir. do you understand? No, i can't let you touch it. No. i won't do no such thing, maggie. No. i just think you're the prettiest thing i ever seen. Denise, no, i didn't. No! i refuse to accept the responsibility. No, i need a wrestler with a master's. No i mean... pretend that she is real? Out of respect. you know... no... i get it. yeah... No. i said that already. mmhm. No, i want to pay for my half of our aimless wanderings. No, i can't seem to get too far from my leather. No, i won't. and you know it. Right there. no, i can't. No. i want to show her perspective. No i haven't. No, i had groundhog for lunch. No. i hope we all get to do a great many things, general. No, i can't do that! you know why? Can you fix it? no, i can't. Uh, no, i didn't see. No, i don't want a microphone. No. i didn't. No, no, i can't tell you what or where. it's probably disinformation. No, no, i know how it goes. No, i haven't. how many times you gonna ask her, No, i rarely go into the field, mr. cobb. No, i don't have to understand. No, i need them now, not next week. No. i believe in a reasonable rate of return. No, i did not! No. i promise. No, no, no, i understand. You should stay. no, i really i'm No, i just felt that… it would be too painful to go through another operation back then. No, i don't want you to go down and talk to them. No, no. i don't know anything about... No, i can't do that, paul. i'm sorry. No, i can't do that. no. No. i mean, it's about taking responsibility. No, i just... so, um, you into sports at all? um, sort of. No. i most certainly do not understand. No, i don't believe in luck, right? No, i can wait for a bit. No. i have to stay functional until my mission is complete. But, this could be serious. no, i... No i can't. No, i don't mind. No, i got it. I am pretty fucking sure. no, i didn't... No, no. i... No, i mean was it right away or in the night or when was it? No, no. i have to fix it now. no. Four no, no, i got it, i got it. No, i believe you. it's just the craziest thing i've ever heard. No, i don't wanna do that. No, i just... Oh, no, i don't. No. i haven't seen any. No! i want to have a baby. No, i bought the land... You wanna call me a whore? no, i claudia... No, i know, it's... obvious. No, no. i have to go. No i don't, i find it really offensive, and so confusing. No... i can't. i no