Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Nicholas, my family trusted you.", "Nicholas, danny, you know what to do.", "What have you done with nicholas?", "You have a good heart, nicholas. that doesn't change."
Hello, nicholas. Hello, nicholas. hello, sergeant. Nicholas? Oh, but we do care, nicholas. Oh, nicholas. Nicholas van orton. Nicholas, what do you want? Bye, nicholas. What do you say, nicholas? Fury, nicholas j. So, finally, nicholas dunne... you're under arrest for the murder of your wife. Hello there, nicholas, frank butterman here, your new inspector. Hello, nicholas. how's the hand? Police officer, yes. i'm nicholas angel. This is the best village, nicholas. you've seen the people. Forget it, nicholas. it's sandford. Come on, nicholas. you haven't got it in you. Sergeant nicholas angel. sandford police service. Nicholas, you're an exceptional officer. The "m" word, nicholas. Nicholas, nicholas, nicholas. Sergeant nicholas angel. Nicholas. glad i caught you. Nicholas, hello. reverend shooter. Nicholas, this is tom weaver. "nicholas angel." Nicholas, frank again. one other thing about your cottage. You just can't switch off, nicholas. It's all about being a team player, nicholas. It's a pastiche of nicholas roeg's don't look now. Nicholas! Director override. fury, nicholas j. Happy birthday, nicholas. Ladies and gentlemen, my brother, nicholas van orton. Sutherland's in on it. nicholas, i have another call. Nicholas, your funds are intact. Nicholas, please! let's go. I accepted your settlement, nicholas. Nicholas. this is unexpected. Hotel nikko. this is nicholas van orton. Yes. nicholas van orton? Good night, nicholas. best of luck. Nicholas. nice to meet you. Take care of yourself. you too, nicholas. Sleep well, nicholas. i will. Nicholas, i'm coming! How long have you known nicholas? Nicholas, stop breathing like that. Nicholas, come here! Did you look in on nicholas? Nicholas. nicholas. Nicholas? what's the matter? Nicholas, i want to see that lesson learned... in less than an hour. Ahh. where, nicholas? Is that what you think, too, nicholas? Anne. nicholas. "nicholas kozlowski. peter druzhinsky. No, nothing yet, nicholas. Mr. andre. nicholas. ... my brothers juan and nicholas are writers too. "nicholas ray is cinema". Nicholas o'brien? Yeah, nicholas gave me a couple hours off. Nicholas hume. No, i need to hand deliver this, to nicholas hume. Pick up the ball, nicholas. I've been keeping nicholas and emma out of the way. Nicholas nickleby. What? nicholas is here? I just hope that society isn't too severe in judging nicholas. Nicholas, are you gonna be all right? Hi, this is nicholas halsey. Yep nicholas and i got burritos. Well, i emailed nicholas. Yeah. nicholas asked me for it. Nicholas: hey, what the fuck is this? Nicholas: hey! Nicholas, what is it? Okay? it's nicholas, by the way. Principal at st. nicholas school. is this mrs. miller? Officer nicholas thomas. Listen, you pair of... whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, nicholas. Nicholas, how are you? james, good evening. Nicholas, you're not about to shoot anyone. Nicholas! nicholas! Actually, nicholas, you might as well take a break. Nicholas: my wife would be happier if i got out of the seventy seven You have a good heart, nicholas. that doesn't change. What have you done with nicholas? Nicholas, danny, you know what to do. Nicholas, my family trusted you.