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I gave 'em each a thousand bucks and told them what nicholas had done. I met nicholas dunne... when he was my creative writing teacher at mill valley. So who else? charlie nicholas, david niven, malcolm mclaren, elvis presley. Chester and toby they went all yakuza on nicholas. So, finally, nicholas dunne... you're under arrest for the murder of your wife. At last! nicholas has told me so much. Hello? nicholas dunne. And, sophie, you've even provided young nicholas here... with a particular image to help structure his fantasy. Nicholas: ladies and gentlemen, can i have your attention, please? Listen, you pair of... whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, nicholas. Hello, nicholas. Hello there, nicholas, frank butterman here, your new inspector. Defendant number two. nicholas segel. Nicholas, please! let's go. Nicholas. glad i caught you. Police officer, yes. i'm nicholas angel. Sleep well, nicholas. i will. The "m" word, nicholas. Anne! nicholas! Nicholas, danny, you know what to do. That's impossible. they already got it, nicholas. Sutherland's in on it. nicholas, i have another call. Nicholas, we're offering you a smashing position with a delightful cottage, in a lovely little place that i think has won village of the year i don't know how many times. I accepted your settlement, nicholas. This is the best village, nicholas. you've seen the people. I've seen you around. you've been coming to all the nicholas rays. Nicholas, you're not about to shoot anyone. Principal at st. nicholas school. is this mrs. miller? Nicholas, frank again. one other thing about your cottage. Nicholas, my son. Nicholas! You just can't switch off, nicholas. Fury, nicholas j. I am concerned, perhaps needlessly, about matters in st. nicholas school. Nicholas, what is it? Nicholas van orton. We don't block things out, nicholas. we let them in. Nicholas? Nicholas! what are you doing here? Nicholas, i'm coming! Hello, nicholas. how's the hand? Yes. nicholas van orton? Anne. nicholas. "nicholas kozlowski. peter druzhinsky. Nicholas, i want to see that lesson learned... in less than an hour. Take care of yourself. you too, nicholas. Come on, nicholas. you haven't got it in you. ... my brothers juan and nicholas are writers too. "nicholas angel." Saint nicholas of sunnyside, everybody. Nicholas, nicholas, nicholas. Nicholas, this is tom weaver. Okay? it's nicholas, by the way. Ladies and gentlemen, my brother, nicholas van orton. Oh, nicholas. No, nothing yet, nicholas. Nicholas, i haven't a clue what this is all about, but your taste in champagne is excellent, as always. Hello, nicholas. hello, sergeant. Special effects. squibs, like in the movies. nicholas, listen! Nicholas! copernicus! i don't give a shit. I'm gonna bust this thing wide open. nicholas, wait. Nicholas! nicholas! Actually, nicholas, you might as well take a break. Mr. andre. nicholas. Stock markets rose both domestically and abroad after the announcement of stronger than expected earnings by several hitech companies, but dipped again after reports that nicholas van orton had sneezed. No, nicholas, i'm afraid it is you who is going to have to come with us. Nicholas o'brien? What do you say, nicholas? Hotel nikko. this is nicholas van orton. Ahh. where, nicholas? What have i done with nicholas? Anne and nicholas. what pretty names. Yes, connie, it's nicholas. give me a ring when you get in. Good night, nicholas. best of luck. Did you look in on nicholas? Yeah, nicholas gave me a couple hours off. Nicholas, stop breathing like that. "nicholas ray is cinema". Nicholas, how are you? james, good evening. Happy birthday, nicholas. Nicholas, my family trusted you. How long have you known nicholas? Nicholas. this is unexpected. Nicholas, hello. reverend shooter. Nicholas, come here! Director override. fury, nicholas j. No one has expressed an opinion as to how it will impact the pampered existence of nicholas van orton. Nicholas. nice to meet you. This is your game, nicholas, and welcome to it. It's all about being a team player, nicholas. Is that what you think, too, nicholas? Forget it, nicholas. it's sandford. Police constable nicholas angel. born and schooled in london. Nicholas? what's the matter?