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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Who? his name was john though, not paul.", "I had another date that night and her name was amber.", "His name was brian johnson. brian johnson."
I know his name was guy fawkes... and i know in one thousand, six hundred and five he attempted to blow up the houses of parliament. Man, i thought your name was danger. What did you say your name was? Her name was rachael. Aah, yeah. her name was gretchen, and she was amazing. Her name was pam and to her credit, she did have an amazing technique, with this... wild twist and jerk motion. Do you remember what mama's very first name was? marry. L'm trying to comfort him... telling him not to worry, everything's gonna be ok, i'm gonna take care of him, and he asked me what my name was. Hey, beanpole, what did you say your name was? desmond doss. His name was jimmy. or barry. I thought her name was melinda. His name was carl hanratty. You thought his name was jackwill? Her name was sarah. This guy told me his name was teddy. His name was johnny walker. Wait, you read a whole book in the second that i asked you what your name was? His name was robert. His name was jimmy. His name was phil. Do you know how i knew your name was doc? What name was that again? conlon. Her name was in a piece we did, "ingenue dikes in hollywood. " His name was werner. His name was bradley fine. His name was tom buchanan. Cut the crap, lady! you said your name was georgia. His name was jeanbaptiste grenouille, and if his name has been forgotten today, it is for the reason that his ambition was restricted to a domain that leaves no trace in history: Or if his name was rockefeller, but sometimes john don't get it. I'm sorry. did you say your name was shylo? Maiden name was sullivan. His name was jimmy whispers and he was sonny's main man. The name was cameron. Your mom's name was sarah. Her name was mary, and we were married eight months later. Its code name was "firm hand." And when the story was written, richard dimaso's name was never mentioned. My mother's name was never mentioned. Thacker. his name was thacker. Whatever his name was. His name was charlie spencer. My name was jorel. His name was klaus anders. His name was edward. Her name was haley. His name was in the papers all last week. yeah, i saw that. I think she said her name was flintstone. Her name was layla... . just like the melody. His name was ted casey. I thought you said your name was nobody. I remember. the guy's name was vinnie. "his name... "was peter pan. " She was the one who told me my name was robert. Her name was nancy, and she had real black hair, and she was real tall. My name was... ? Her name was christina warren. His name was bobby rushton, and we weren't even dating. His name was also paikea... and i am his mo most recent descendant. You made a new friend and her name was lisa too. And what precisely is... what did you say your name was? The girl's name was maggie. My son's name was david! So, what'd you say your name was again? Butterball? my last lawyer's name... was butterman and he was one of five people in the room besides me. Her mother's name was alllson. Her name was leslie, i think. His name was jared vennett. vennett. What did you say your name was? uh, ╬╝itchell stevens. You know, for the record... mary ann from gilligan's island, her real name was dawn wells. Um... my mom, her name was irene williams. His name was hihiro hiro hiroshi. Thought your name was javier. it is. Yeah. my uncle's name was cushman armitage. What did you say your name was, jerry? Her name was rose dawson back then. His name was wallace penny. His name was max. Let me guess. his name was ben. You got the wrong his name was ray castro, helena. I thought your name was gennero. lucy gennero. Wait, she said his name was rudy. Her name was lilly. that is correct. His name was william wilkins and he died of a hemorrhage in the brain in that chair. I think her name was annie. My grandmomma, her name was sylvia. Uh, what'd you say your name was again? His name was benny begin, and right now begin's down at the morgue on ice. Said his name was hank. Her name was tina gray. it's her home. He says, "the horse's name was lucky number slevin. " Um, his name was... is ryan. My brother's name was hanz! Everything that i know about that i told to whatever his name was. And i'll have gideon run the containment files, see if anyone drowned a woman by the name of... what did you say her name was? Want to know what his name was? His name was brian johnson. brian johnson. I had another date that night and her name was amber. Who? his name was john though, not paul. was name