My father?

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You know... you remind me of my father. My father was... a drinker... and a fiend. I hated my father. My father is a noble man. All right, where's my father? I even tried to go to summer stock auditions last year but of course my father wouldn't let me. And when my father gets upset, the ground shakes. I'll have to talk to my father. Okay. two of 'em. both had my father. it's peculiar. My father. no. you just said it. And for the first time i'm gonna do it... whether my father wants me to or not! I go help my father with anything. I'm going to give it to my father and tell him to put it on the mantelpiece and imagine it's a firstclass degree in medicine. But i am one of the two trustees of the lebowski foundation, the other being my father. I think even my father would recognize that. My father stormed the beach at normandy. For years l prayed every night that my father would die... and finally realized, through a lot of therapy... l was wasting my energy on hating him. Uh, my mother died a long time ago, and my father, i don't know where he is. But my father could not accept bane. ... . but i don't need to do it the way you did... . or my father. We must get him to my father. My father was a doctor. bridger! Because i do not forgive your people for taking the life of my father, and his father, and his father before him. Before my father died, he told me that i had a halfsister... that he imprisoned in hel. My father and mother and sisters and my brother eli. My father had it made for me. What did my father want with you? My father said that to me. And then i had to kill my father. that was hard. My father and i don't get along. My father would have carted me off to a correctional facility. Carl, when do i get to call my father? L honor my father by finishing his work. Better yet, have my father talk to your father. My father stormed the beach... My father has it. And what does your father say? my father is dead. Indy, your father and brody... where's my father? Everything my family... my father, built... And then they threatened to kill my father. L could not forgive my father. My father died. i was upset. I came to find my father. Is darth vader my father? "my father doesn't want me to be him." exactly. You loved my father, i know, but so did i. "my father accepts that i want to create for myself, not follow in his footsteps." Or my father talk to your father. Don't say a word against my father. You have to remember to let me call my father when we land. My father believes we must lull longshanks into our confidence... by neither supporting his decree nor opposing it. My grandfather was a businessman, my father, too. You know, my mother was an only child and so was my father, and i was their only child, My father had some bonds and investments. Then my father is truly dead. A man of principle who loved my father, and my father loved him. After that, they threatened to kill my father; i'd have fucking signed anything after that. He shot my father six times and got away clean. Look, my father left me this building, all right? My father was class of '59. Don't give my father false hope, all right? I am a jedi... like my father before me. My father is a stockbroker, my sister is a barrister and my brother is an accountant. We're talking about a piece of evidence... that says they knew all along that they let my father die in prison? I watched my father die in a british prison for something he didn't do! My father didn't want it incinerated. I'm using this monster to help other people, just like my father did. It belonged to my father. no use to me. I asked my father about his withdrawal of one dollars million, and he told me about this abduction. My father didn't stress diplomacy. My father killed my mother. How's your mother? tired from fucking my father. My father was a great man. You told me vader betrayed and murdered my father. Commodus expects that my father will announce his succession within days. Yep. chemistry. my father thought i should get ahead. His money? that man was my father too. where's my fuckin' half? My father ran into him offduty. I've accepted the truth that you were once anakin skywalker, my father. After xandar, you are going to kill my father? My father was looking for the holy grail. My father... was a hardworking man most of his life... not that l can say the same for myself. He was my father. My father favors you now. my lady. I told you my father was... this famous virologist, and you said, 'he could make a germ, and we could... Don't you hurt him! don't hurt my father! son! You knew my father? oh, yeah. Ernest is my father. "when i came with my father to the town of cold mountain, "i was so shy of how i looked, "so out of place. My father stuck it to me all my life. Lucius verus, after my father. And my father, he was, uh, from the united states. A man that my father plays golf with. Yes, but my father was a piano mover, so... I brought your mother some pictures of my father. Uh, my father well, he was in television. my mother I just realized i'm not pissed off anymore... my father cut me out of his will. My father spent all his time at study, at books of learning and philosophy. It was laid down by my father. father? my