My boy

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Me and my boy survived it. you will too.", "Can't tell you, my boy. strictly confidential."
Give me one reason why i shouldn't have my boy pull your head off. Thank you, my boy. My boy has been sick, you know. he needs fresh air. Well that's my boy. My boy, treelore, always said we going to have a writer in the family one day. My boy. He saved my boy... then took the blame for harvey's appalling crimes... so that l could, to my shame... I don't want you getting my boy into trouble. Yes! that's my boy. You lost me with the last couple of cocktail words spoken, my boy... but l believe it's that sort of love. Xin loi, my boy! You're gonna be convicted of raping that little brat, and shooting my boy. That's my boy right there. Anything, my boy, anything. To my boy, i tell him i will see him again soon, and to keep his heels down when he's riding his horse. He wasn't there when fitzgerald stabbed my boy to death. Now you listen here, my boy, and you listen well. Τhat's my boy. That kid is halfway around the world, crawling through the damn jungle, fighting the communists, so... please, don't come to my home and call my boy a criminal... "frodo was really courageous, wasn't he, dad?" "yes, my boy. And once you've sung, charlie, my boy, you're gonna take your place on that long, gray line of american manhood. You're looking for my boy, are you? My boy, we are pilgrims in an unholy land. After my boy died, a bitter seed was planted inside of me. That's my boy, his name's reno. My boy charlie. I'm sorry i brought this upon you, my boy. That's my boy. You killed my boy. Please cover up my boy. I've abandoned my boy! How's my boy? Come on. yes, that's my boy. Where's my boy? I'm offering my boy, to form an alliance with you... against bill cutting and his slate of native candidates. That's my boy! I just want my boy back! You know, i couldn't have my boy running around looking like no bum. My boy, d. o. c., he coming in from dallas, dope. There's my boy. Man! that's my boy! He was toyin' with you, my boy. I'm not alone, i got my boy with me. I'm damn lucky you're my boy. Please! where's my boy? My boy! my little boy's in there! When am i supposed to see my boy? There's my boy! way to work! What have you done to my boy? I didn't know if my boy was dead or alive. Anyway, my boy fred was just telling me that the rioting is getting so bad, even ford's thinking about shutting down assembly for a day. You have my boy? Flattery will get you everywhere, my boy. My boy could've got killed last time. Where'd you meet up with my boy? at his drop. You know, they see i pay a big money bond for my boy, they start thinking that "where there's smoke there's fire" logic. And withal my boy shall send from me to the empress' sons... presents that i intend to send them both. They're still sending junk mail to my boy. Well, that's my boy, isn't it? You know my boy? connor? connor nash? You're my boy, blue! you're my boy. That's my boy! come on! John, my boy. yes? Next round's on the house for my boy vince here. Um... it's, uh it's my boy, my son, chris. I'm so proud of you, my boy. Well, i have my boy. i have his memories. ... me and my boy, we was wondering why they even call them roofies. My boy is in there! That's my boy. yes! This is my boy lionel. How's my boy, huh? Kevin, my boy. how are you? That's my boy neto. That's the guy who... saved my boy on the bridge. There's my boy! This is my boy. and this is... Your son is going to sit at the head of all tables, my boy. You take me to the woods i don't want my boy to see i don't want my boy to see Oop, there he is. there's my boy. My boy, we're going to have fun. Oh, look at my boy. But sally... that's my wife... she had lionel... that's my boy... the night before i'm supposed to go! She took my boy with her, too. My boy, chris, has been missing for two days. No! my boy! You're my boy. All right. calm down, my boy. This is greg mack with the mack attack, and i gotta give it up to my boy, dr. dre, who is coming with compton's very own eazye. I loved my boy from the moment he opened his eyes... till the moment you closed them. Sixteen, at least, digger, my boy. My boy as things stand, you must not run. But you're my boy. Can't tell you, my boy. strictly confidential. Me and my boy survived it. you will too. boy my