Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "What? i know, michael.", "I told those fudgepackers i liked michael bolton's music."
Michael. Michael. mom. Think, michael. Michael. mutti. John michael kane. No, not on this one, michael. Well, where is michael tonight? Michael. hello? How's michael? Michael, where is the stone? Michael? Michael, do you hear me? How big is your head, michael? I just found john michael kane's body. Michael... What's it say about michael? Michael; hello? St. michael. But michael didn't want to. Michael jordan plays ball. So is michael and breedan, the guy who stood in for you. It's all right, michael. Dear michael. of course it's you. Michael sullivan. What, michael? Have you decided yet, michael? Michael, what? When did you last see michael? Michael is having a heart attack. George michael was right. Paul michael hill. Michael, get your hand outta your pocket. Michael thinks the tango's hysterical. My name is chris gardner calling for mr. michael anderson. One suspect, michael cheritto, is one of four men involved in the foiled robbery. Michael cheritto. You're michael, huh? David armstrong from metro, michael paulson for religion. Hi. oh, michael, nice to see you. So, you saw michael last night? Give me the gun, michael. I am michael dorsey. i am michael dorsey. Big mike. michael oher... Don't go, pa. don't go. michael... I need to go to the hotel where john michael kane stayed. What's the situation with michael? Mike' michael? Come on, michael. he came back. You know, prince, michael jackson. Real name, michael armstrong. Well, sj, you would have total access to michael. Hmm? the michael mensana memorial. Michael could. ... and me and michael were wanting to go get it. I'm begging you, michael, i'm begging you. You trust me, michael? Um, michael fassbender. Michael, get her downstairs. Michael. mom, it's okay. Mom. mom! michael. Michael? are you there? Please excuse me. michael! But if you are john michael kane, whose body do they have? You call about monsieur kane? john michael kane? John michael kane. kane with a "k." You are michael r. marcus. Great, michael. whenever you find something interesting, Michael got moved to offense. Oh, that's not so good, michael. Michael? yeah. No, michael. Michael? yes. yes. ... michael, lives with me... But you're gonna have to pick one, michael. There's very little on michael. Come on, michael. How about louis charles and michael of the avenue foch gang? Sincerely, michael j. burry, m. d. Michael? give me my money back. Do not throw our inception agreement in my face, michael. Michael, this is highly distressing. Through what instrument, michael? Michael, just take a beat. Nice to meet you. i'm michael. For michael "squints" palledorous. smiling! I told those fudgepackers i liked michael bolton's music. What? i know, michael.