Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "I would rather listen to fran drescher for eight hours than have to listen to michael mcdonald."
My friend, michael... he knew the risks. But michael didn't want to. Hi. oh, michael, nice to see you. 'a,' sachin tendulkar... 'b,' ricky ponting... 'c,' michael slater... or 'd,'jack hobbs? My name is chris gardner calling for mr. michael anderson. ... . los angeles police officers michael breuning and william carlisle... . "we'd love to meet with you and move forward. yours, michael wadsworth." So, you saw michael last night? So is michael and breedan, the guy who stood in for you. You're michael, huh? So it could be ricky ponting... jack hobbs or michael slater. Michael cheritto. Michael, get your hand outta your pocket. Do you have a check? michael, please. My best friend, michael, his dad was a big drinker... so he hated all that stuff. Michael. hello? Michael. mutti. Michael and i are having a baby. i'm pregnant. Michael! sir! take dave and two of the fellas, pick up some hoses... David armstrong from metro, michael paulson for religion. Michael and ian, the happiest couple in the entire universe. Michael, you want to get that ball back, Michael thinks the tango's hysterical. Well, where is michael tonight? Michael. Michael, this is frank and this is charlie. Sir michael hagerty will present the case on behalf of the crown. Paul michael hill. No, not on this one, michael. Hachi, this is michael. michael, hachi. Michael, where is the stone? One suspect, michael cheritto, is one of four men involved in the foiled robbery. Christian: michael, can i bother you for a sec? Michael "michael corleone, do you renounce satan?" That's michael. that's my brother. Michael, i have great affection for you. Michael! Just when you think you've seen it all, chazz michael michaels walks in with the unrated version. You are michael. you're acting dorothy. Michael peterson? I don't know how else you want me to say... look, michael. Sorry, michael, do you mind just turning it down a bit? Oh, michael... Strawberry swirl, chockfull of chocolate, mocha madness, michael milton. I talked to the man... just let me try, michael. Miss oher, was michael born under a different name? Jesus christ! don't be scared, michael. If michael was sending, messages were left at work... for me to call my nonexistent girlfriend, "gloria". Michael, sir. sir? you don't have to call me sir. This is jack, second in line to the throne and that one's michael. he's only five. What's the situation with michael? I told those fudgepackers i liked michael bolton's music. And michael shaw. both friends. Michael gordon, that's you. i'm michael jordan. I think you just found something to write about, michael. Yeah, before i forget, i did come into this world as michael peterson. We got a michael beck, whoever that is. And michael, i can promise you... that whatever despair you feel about bringing a child into this world cannot equal the despair of taking a child from it. Oh! well, this is not a mundane detail, michael! Hey, michael, remember that greek myth you read to me about the god who banished all his children to the underworld, and how his youngest son, to get even, castrated him with a sickie? I was gonna call the article "michael jackson is sitting on top of the world," but now i think i might well just call it, What are you doing? oh, hello, michael. In two weeks, i'll never see julie again, and if i do, it'll be as michael dorsey, and she'll probably throw a drink in my face. Of course, i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for michael mills and his enchanting film, "beginners." Mom. mom! michael. Michael, Thank you, michael. Sam? michael? mom? He introduces michael as his big brother. Well, good night, michael. it was a wonderful party. Well, michael wanted the bear kept prisoner with him, and peter insisted that michael was hardly a prisoner and porthos simply wasn't a bear at all. Michael, let go. michael, let go. After this night, michael would not be available to any of us. Michael. it's sandy! You're a creature of the night, michael. These surroundings were chosen by michael as the repository for his physical remains. You'll get there, michael oher, because i'm here to help you use those maps... . How far are you willing to go, michael? Yeah, i think about that story when i think about michael. Michael jordan? michael jordan. It's not just a play, michael. it's the play. This is michael. i'm not in right now. please leave a message. Yes. like michael jordan. right. Come on, michael. come on. Sit down, michael, and tell us all about kosher food, michael. Michael, it's cal. Cook michael for me. Michael. hmm. There are many stories about michael sullivan. Drink some of this, michael. Quiet, michael. i didn't say anything. "i’m michael jackson in my hotel room... with my chopup face." Michael! come on, come back! Michael? michael? You're gonna tell your kid everything you did when you were one six michael? I would rather listen to fran drescher for eight hours than have to listen to michael mcdonald.