Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Men who are vain look at their bald spot and say: "you know, i don't need anything.", "Not to men like you.", "I see we have the same taste in men."
Your men, your plan. I need ten minutes with the scene before your men contaminate it. I need you plugged in, checking gordon's men and their families. Tell your men they work for me now. That's not true. our men in the major crimes unit are close to an arrest. Some men just wanna watch the world burn. And i've seen now what i would have to become to stop men like him. It must've been maroni's men. shut up! Those men had their chance. These men will kill you and take it anyway. Because some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. You think that your client... one of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the world, is secretly a vigilante... This is where they brought her, gordon, after your men handed her over. The men you put away? Those men on that boat? they made their choices. You thought we could be decent men in an indecent time. He vouched for these men. and he's gone. Harvey, i need to know which of my men i can trust. Not only orcs, but men as well. Men who haven't seen daylight in months? It's thirty three now. they were my men, fitzgerald. William wallace killed fifty men. What kind of men are you interested in? I have stones to sell... fat to chew and many men to see about many ducks... so if i am not rushing you... There were two men in my home town... declared four unfit. That's why there's so few dangerous men around like bob. And i would like to know how loki used it to turn two of the sharpest men i know into his personal flying monkeys. He's killed two men, jimmy! what's worth it? There are no men like me. And like shipwrecked men turning to seawater from uncontrollable thirst... The word itself makes some men uncomfortable. vagina. My men tell me that you are orc spies. We're authorized to remand these men. I want to see plenty of beach between men. A last alliance of men and elves marched against the armies of mordor. Mrs. braddock, my readers would love to know... how do you feel about the fact that... max baer's killed two men in the ring? Hangs around that pub, men pay him for a go. My mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men. By way of a "for instance", i killed three men tonight. When the rest of the men are ready you send them to me. If you wanna talk about renaissance men, you gotta talk about frank campana. Tell mr. havelock that there are men looting in the caves. I'm prepared to give my life for my men. Men, who are so easily seduced by its power. While his loss will be deeply felt, the men and women of nasa will soldier forth onward and upward in the mission of their agency. My men and i apologize for disturbing you. But the hearts of men... are easily corrupted. I happen to like nice men. There's nothing easy about two men sharing one life. No scientists. no men from the future. Approximately two hours ago, an unidentified group of men... seized control of the nakatomi building... sealing off all entrances and exits. Let's go, let's get these men out of here. And that makes perfect sense... since ml6 looks for maladjusted young men... that give little thought to sacrificing others... in order to protect queen and country. He just took out two more of my men. Men my age dictate this war. Mr. angier, i didn't think it was necessary to tell edison's men about the box. And then, when enough men have died, Come on, men. let's take on the... But the men trapped underground number almost three thousand There were three men. The men have found their captain. A pit where men are thrown to suffer and die. Good job, men. good work. Some men across the channel, at dunkirk, need taking off. "the path of the righteous man is beset on all sides... by the inequities of the selfish... and the tyranny of evil men. Hurry, men! to the wall! defend the wall! And i encourage my men to bring their families, as well. India has many men with too much wealth. Do you know how many men i've lost under my command? It means that these men, do not respect you. When the very best of our young men are sacrificing their lives against... Tell that to the wives of the men she blew up this afternoon. It isn't right that other men should fight and die, that i would just be sitting at home safe. Been too busy. elected men can't have as much fun as they used to. ... . and direct men... . Cruel men hurts us. This season's fight for the formula one world championship has so far been the story of two men. Not with ten men could you do this. it is folly. I give hope to men. All right, men. he's coming. hold him down. Twentytwo men dead. private, take care of... We need these men wellrested to bring in this well. What can men do against such reckless hate? Fuckin' a. strong men also cry. Ain't no way i'm going home after six months working my ass off like a mule... risking my neck, men dying, and for what? How many men did you kill in korea? How do we treat men who defy an unjust law... who will not fight... but will not comply? I remember there was three men you shot, not two. Captain, three men can't hold off a party of ree, much less some boys. This is a furlough for men who have passed the basic training. Some of these men are my neighbors. You know, after an year... well, yeah, but, men are so easily offended! We ain't bad men no more. We were two young men at the start of a great career, two young men devoted to an illusion, two young men who never intended to hurt anyone. "brutus and cassius, they too are honorable men. " Get your men out of there! You'll never have to experience this yourself, but when two men are in a situation like me and your dad were... for as long as we were, you take on certain responsibilities of the other. I see we have the same taste in men. Not to men like you. Men who are vain look at their bald spot and say: "you know, i don't need anything.