Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Mel gibson. not too shabby.", "Wait. wait. mel, what... what is going on? no, leigh.", "Well, mel didn't think so.", "Mel! fuck.", "No. why? you should probably see mel."
Hello, mel. So long, mel. have a good trip. fuck you! Mel, who's ever giving you your information is taking you for a long ride. L'm not, mel. you are. Mel, come on. do something, will you? You too, mel. you fucked up. Every dog has his day, huh, mel? l told him... it didn't make any sense, clipping you when we had you working for us. Hi, mel. hey there, darrell. Okay, mel. Sure, mel. Mel bernstein, right? Hey, mel, guess what? my little league team, the little lopezers, Don't call me mike. call me mel. ~ oh, domino, domino ~~ thank you, mel. It was love, mel. to eddie, it was. Okay. mel nicolai. Mel! hey, mel! "profession: mel gibson's bottom." Actually, mel does his own ass work. Thanks, mel. I told a few columnists mel gibson was looking for actresses for his film. When mel got the application from valley springs, they told him that allen had been fired for touching kids. Hey, mel? yeah? Thanks, mel, for coming. sorry about your car. Hey, do you reckon you could introduce me to mel gibson? Mel, don't get him started. Mel, we got a code pink. Let's do it. hi, mel. hi, tom. Please send dr. mel and rachel my best. Suck it, mel gibson. You just remember one thing, pink… it ain't just about you, pal, it's about us … me, donny, mel. That's mel, our engineer. just coffee, huh? Mum? will someone talk to mel? Lisa, mel, you know this boy? So, since you like getting high so much, why don't you hang out here with mel, watch a little tv? Mel nicolai, justice. mel. Hi. dave, you know mel nicolai. You know, bruce willis or mel gibson. I got mel over in hermosa beach, and i rent this little place for simone over in compton where you’re staying, and about four blocks away i got this young one nine country girl named sheronda. So i thought, let him kick it here with mel. Good to see you, peter. you, too, mel. Good to see you, mel. Nice to meet you, too, mel stein. ~ domino, domino ~~ thank you, mel. Yo, flo. tell mel to whip me up a toasted bagel with cream cheese. Mel and i had been together five years... and i don't know how many times i've heard "i love you," but it wasn't until that night... Come on, mel. hop on. let's go, boy. Yes! he's gonna be the next mel gibson! Look at you, look at you! love this shape, mel. Come on, mel! we gotta go! let's go! kiss my ass, fuck wad! What, the ice cream or mel gibson's bottom? This is my aunt mel and my uncle bub. Mel. Et voilà, mel. one thousand $ de cheveux. You got something more interesting? mel gibson doesn't call. That's right, mel. it started three weeks ago, when a little stranded dolphin... I don't know, lifeguard. what about mel? You've any idea how much you just hurt me, mel? i... i... Okay? john... you'reyou're not a kid anymore, mel, okay? I told mel we'd pick her up later. Yeah, mel, i do. What about mel? You and mel gibson. Mel... no. You never ask how i am or... mel, what's... what's wrong? Mel. i've got apple, bubble gum or tandoori. Whatever, mel. To you, it is, mel. Mel, stop. no. fuck you for putting me in this position. ... because of all these unspoken issues that i blamed on work and mel blamed on me. Seriously, mel? No! you lied to me. stop, mel. What does this remind me of, mel? Oh, mel. god, you don't know how happy i am to see you. Hey, i'm sorry, mel. Please, mel. mel, please. Okay. have you seen mel? No. why? you should probably see mel. Mel! fuck. Well, mel didn't think so. Wait. wait. mel, what... what is going on? no, leigh. Mel gibson. not too shabby.