Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Just 'cause there's something on the ground doesn't mean there's anything beneath it.", "I mean, i'll tell you a joke, shia labeouf was in the car with lindsay lohan."
Oh, you mean, when they find out that you've helped us, they're gonna kill you? I mean, what happened? Did you mean it? Now, what the hell does that mean? Does the word promiscuous mean anything to you? no. I hate that i said mean things about you. I mean l'm her father. Look, i don't mean to interrupt your night, okay? And sexist. i mean, it's like "hey, thanks for the crumb." Our names don't mean shit. Dudley, i know you mean well... . You know, there were times when you made me a... huh, i mean her, right? I mean, those are questions, right? L mean, l don't think of you that way. You mean... just leave the hotel? Nothin'. what do you mean, nothing? The address, you mean? uhhuh. What do you mean, reality? She know what i mean. What do you mean? how is he learning? I'm sorry, i'm getting nervous, i didn't mean to interrupt. I'm sure she didn't mean to. I need to believe you mean no harm. I need to be punished, and by "punished," i mean "had." What do you mean? I mean, i can't see how you claim it, you being ma? doctors snatched me out the snatch of pure evil with eagle claws. I mean... I don't mean work. Didn't mean nothing. Bla relationship. they weren't mean, they cared for me, but... Do you know what i mean? I mean, maybe if victor wasn't in the picture, things would be different. I mean... yes. What do you mean? i don't know where! They dumped us. what do you mean, they dumped us? You are ruf, huh? and i am your prisoner. what do you mean? I mean, i know i can't change anything that's happened... but i want you to know that... The kind of pretty that deserves to make... a big deal about itselfthough, you know what i mean? While that may not mean jack shit to you, it means a hell of a lot to me. I mean, we're innocent, we can't even go out of the cell. Sir, what about them? i mean, there's barely hardly enough... No, i mean it. find him. get him home. I mean, it might not be such a simple, uh... you know? What do you mean? america? I mean, they all got swiss's passport, right? You're good. you don't mean no harm. I mean, in my dreams, i love you and... What do you mean, the number dropped off the door? What does that mean? I mean, one that's not family. And i don't mean just like no paper cup. The heck do you mean? "the heck do you mean?" i'll see you tomorrow. I mean, what's that gonna do to him? I mean to rule them, as why should i not? She's talking about it. you know what i mean? That doesn't mean i'm gonna stop trying. I mean, that's something i never thought about guiseppe: that he could be jealous. Pow! i mean, i'd skipped the tingle phase and went straight to the drool phase. Just because someone stumbles, loses their way... doesn't mean they're lost forever. My apologies, i do not mean to rush... but one hundred and twenty million is a large sum of money. I mean, not for getting sick, obviously, but just for refusing chemo. You mean, will i help you kill them cowboys? What do you mean, you bastard? Personality. i mean, that's what counts, right? From my mom. my real mom, i mean. L mean tomorrow or the next day. "in a mean abode in the shanking road "lived a man named william bloat. Wait. what exactly would this mean? I mean, i'd like to. You didn't hang up. does that mean we're engaged? That doesn't mean stupid! Mr. murphy, do you mean that you lied on your application? I mean, it's healthy to desire, right? I mean , he wasted norris pretty quick, didn't he? We've taken it upon ourselves to clear out in a hurry if you see what i mean. I mean, your wife owes... my wife is not the issue! I mean, do you believe that he is here to help? No, samantha, we know exactly what you mean. You mean us and you. no. I mean, i'm not contagious or anything like... I mean it. What does b58/732 mean to you? buttle. Mr. wolf, listen. i don't mean disrespect, okay? i respect you. It's making my brain hurt, you know what i mean? What do you mean, it won't wake him up? I mean nothing you could have. i'm just saying... Please, what does it always mean, this... They could send the deed, for cripesake. i mean... I mean i'm god's minister. I'm sure he didn't mean what he said. I don't know what you mean. Huh? no. no, what do you mean no? You mean, ' look in the dog'? I mean, what about lotus? Well, you know, yeah. i mean, i... Excuse me, i don't mean to harass you, but i was very impressed with the capable manner in which you dealt with that. Just because you're sleeping with him doesn't mean he trusts you. Or it could mean... you're the righteous man, and i'm the shepherd, and it's the world that's evil and selfish. I mean, i'll tell you a joke, shia labeouf was in the car with lindsay lohan. Just 'cause there's something on the ground doesn't mean there's anything beneath it.