Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Dr. oatman, it's martin blank.", "There's nothing wrong with you, martin.", "I'm worried about you, martin. i did that.", "Hello, martin. hello again.", "I had a hip replacement last year, martin."
Martin? Hello, martin. Martin too. Martin. Your cousin martin. Look at that, martin. It is martin luther king. Get me monsieur martin at the ritz imperial, please. Is that what we are, martin? friends? Law offices of martin vail. Martin vanger. how do you do? My name is martin vail. That's martin. yeah. Martin blower was clearly having an affair with eve draper. Rest tonight, martin. And martin blower? no, actually. Some crackpot. martin luther king was killed. Ηow about a little rémy martin? Martin and lewis. How do you want that shake, martin and lewis, or amos 'n andy? Robin? martin. too much salt. Seems that you won after all, martin. I'm a patient man, martin. It is martin, isn't it? Well, martin hansen. You're writing a book now, martin said. And i drive up to spend a couple of days with martin. Just take the pain, martin. Until martin is better. Martin! Janet barker has decided to call her boys roger and martin. Ten times what george merchant and martin blower, god rest them, offered me. Martin blower. respected solicitor. I'd come to know martin and eve very well of late. Martin blower represents damn near most of the village. All right, in the meantime, why don't you check out a few of martin blower's clients? What, with martin blower? no way! They just sat down, martin. Eyes on the prize, martin. I should've warned you. come in. thank you, martin. He was just as important as martin luther king to me. That's martin luther king. Come on, martin. No need to do the full barry white, martin. Martin only started after he had died. No, martin didn't deny killing anyone. Martin, who runs vanger industries, now that i'm retired. I'm a hunter, martin. Point is, martin, you can't steer from the pain. Martin sheen? martin sheen? Uh, martin sheen. Love, martin. Is that a fair summation, martin? Meet me halfway on this, martin. It's great, martin. Would you look at him, martin. Yes, you do, martin. Martin scorsese "hugo." Can you help me find him, martin? I'm martin bettes. dr. bettes. not your name! Have you talked to martin and deirdre? they'll be fine. Oh, martin! It's martin. It looked hilarious, martin. How would you feel about going to america with martin? What do you think, martin? I drove an aston martin. really? I want an aston martin. Oh, martin. Martin. hang on. i'll tell you what you can do. Now remember, martin. it's not their fault. That's lovely, martin. did you just think of that? I'm martin sixsmith. i'm here with philomena lee, Oh, look, martin, a little red mazda. He was polite. oh, martin! Tell me, martin, do we have what they call flexible tickets? Well, good night, martin. good night, philomena. Well, what if he was a drug addict, martin? Martin lawrence is going undercover. I'm sorry, martin. should we pretend we don't know each other? I'm getting the royal treatment, martin. Oh, martin, have some buttered brack. This is my friend martin sixsmith, news at ten. I'm one of the lucky ones, martin. Thanks, martin. ok. Hello, martin. hi, martin. And are you married, martin? I had a hip replacement last year, martin. Hello, martin. hello again. I'm worried about you, martin. i did that. There's nothing wrong with you, martin. Dr. oatman, it's martin blank.