Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "Bearing 94, mark 7.", "Turning on 307 degrees, mark 8.", "The enterprise is on course 513, mark 7, as you ordered.", "First rule of the game is know your mark."
Mark hanna. A mark. It's shannon, mark. Hello, mark. That's a mark against... I want to talk to you, mark. All bodies leave their mark. Mark this down in the prefix file codes. My niece, jehnna, has such a mark. Each one missing its mark. On my mark. It's the mark. Look, agent smith, i tried the hero business and it left a mark. It's the mark again. You can almost see the high water mark, Yeah, but it's okay because when ross left, mark came over. Except, as rumor has it, the mark never quite let go. Mark my words. Without the mark, the blade is useless. were having sex with mark. You mark my words, skyler. The mark? Mark my words, boy, and mark them well. You knew about the mark. Hey, just mark it down as a brain fart, and be thankful no one got killed. The mark and the blade work together. It's been weeks since i left my mark. Mark? Is that mark? When i suggested you take on the mark of cain, i didn't know this was going to happen. But you have to know, with the mark comes a great burden. The mark. His neighbor, mark hutchins. Please, ross, you've got to know, there's nothing between me and mark. Mark, you're a sensible man. Sounds like mark something wants to have some sex. Mark it down. Does mark know about this? Like a mark on her hand. Mark of the witness. When did mark switch from mountain biking to yoga? The mark can be transferred to someone who's worthy. This move will erase the mark that has hounded you through the centuries. "there mark what ills the scholar's life assail- Mark, if i can get you funding for both, are you with us? That's why there's a question mark on his face. Mark warner. She leaves a mark on men's skin. Mark is a pig. Mark is willing to do whatever it takes. Not a mark on it, only blood squirted out. Is this about mark? The hardest steel does not make a mark. Effects of the mark? When we were together, you got all freaked out about mark... I thought mark was taking the kids whitewater rafting. Are you doing anybody besides mark? Who's a chip off the old mark of cain. Not a mark on it. Wait for my mark. With mark. Mark. 32 degrees, mark 10. She's miserable with mark because he's not me. I thought that you were the most beautiful mark i'd ever seen. Suction mark identical to carol's. You see some identifying mark? And i love mark. Navigator, go to course 1 1 3 mark 7. Helm, course 1 6 4, mark 3. You really think this mark doesn't want anything in exchange for helping you? Same mark. Marilyn park for mark lerner. Well, if i stop playing with joey and chandler, can i play with mark? Turning to 1 1 3 mark 5. Well, if i know mark, and i think i do... On my mark... But, then mark ruffalo was the hulk in the avengers, and he was even better. I loved mark. Are you planning on asking her to ieave mark? But stacy doesn't have any reason to hide this from mark. But when mark left, he gave me a key to joanna's office. Did mark call? She got mark killed. The diamond must mark a place. Has she ieft mark? Mark is in group therapy for people coping with disability. On the board, mark. My sex life with mark? Did you have mark mclaughlin killed? Are you seriously thinking about ieaving mark? How long did you know mark had a mistress? I see the mark of the beast there, huh? First rule of the game is know your mark. The enterprise is on course 513, mark 7, as you ordered. Turning on 307 degrees, mark 8. Bearing 94, mark 7.