Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Say something, mark.", "Mission confirmation: mark watney has been successfully rescued."
So in order for mark to escape mars' gravity entirely and to intercept the hermes... I want to try it, mark. Mark! "mark, this is vincent kapoor. Strange creatures bearing the mark of the white hand have been seen on our borders. Mark hanna. a pleasure to meet you. He has a brother here, doesn't he? mark. l'll tell him. Mark. Iowa, question mark. Riders of rohan... what news from the mark? I'll do the rest with thrusters. on my mark. Mark stresses that every time it comes up. They're calling the cops. mark it zero! Mikey. hi. yeah, it's mark renton. New york, chicago, l. a. we gotta set our own mark and enforce it. Mark drove two hours straightaway from the hab, did a short eva and then drove for another two. A genetic guidance system that can lock onto a mark a half a mile away. Detonation in two minutes, thirty seconds, mark. I know how to save mark watney. Thanks, mark. First, make him mark and cover wade's body for grave detail. Torpedo locked on us at three hundred and twenty degrees, mark two arm weapons! Mark of the legion. The second we point the satellites at the hab i broadcast pictures of mark watney's dead body to the world. On my mark, fortis two draw him left. ”'o sea that ere it be for ever too late, "%hab may slide this last, last time upon his mark!"' captain... I'm throwing rocks tonight. mark it, dude. We'll do our best. mark dies if you don't. Oh, wow. did everybody hear that? mark just discovered dirt. What's up, mark? Hello, this is mark watney, astronaut. Mark, report. on my way, commander. To your mark. forward! Lizzy's gone, mark. You must be mark. You mark that frame an eight you're entering a world of pain. Mark watney is still alive. oh, my god. To mark the truck. get a gps on it so we can start to figure out how to bring it down. Audlence: mark the calendar. No plowman's blade will cut thee down no cutler's horn will mark thy face Johanssen, what's my relative velocity to mark? "dear mark... i'm glad you've found a job and somewhere to live. Commander, i have an idea. go ahead, mark. We are tminus two minutes, ten seconds to launch, by the mark. Unfortunately, during the evacuation, astronaut mark watney was struck by debris and killed. Whereby important events of the past... usually associated with someone's death... or the end of some awful, bloody struggle... are celebrated with a nice holiday... i thought we could mark this november the five But mark watney is dead. For goodness sake, mark. It's a waste of your life, mark, poisoning your body with that shite. Grudgingly? yeah. mark has a tendency to tell them I must have hit close to the mark to get her riled up like that, huh, kid? It involves telling the mark that he's dreaming... which involves attracting a lot of attention to us. Wait! you'll mark us! Fword, again, "is wrong with you?" "mark, please watch your language. The nation was blessed to have mark serving in our space program. Hey, you just got an email from mark lewman. As you can see, many people have gathered here to see whether or not the mission to retrieve mark watney will be a success. James francis ryan, question mark. That's right. mark the calendar. What attempts have been made to make contact with mark watney? Why not make a mark elsewhere? why become a cop? Lance corporal mark bradford's web testimony to riordan, who saved his life earlier this year in iraq, is now spreading like wildfire throughout the media. And with that, mark renton had fallen in love. Contact in outer space with mark watney. Warp three sir. course one hundred and fifty one mark three No marks! don't mark him! don't mark him! Plan b. sir, the mark seven is not ready for deployment. Mark it zero! Higbees' corner window was traditionally a highwater mark... of the prechristmas season. The needle hits two hundred you give me the signal, l'll mark the truck. okay? Lots of tricks, sixty six mark, you've got a house! Bullshit. mark it eight dude. You saved my life, brother and anyone seeing this at sparta, anybody out in pittsburgh, you reach out to tommy riordan and tell him mark said, "thank you." You're not getting any younger, mark. All craft, prepare to jump into hyperspace on my mark. Not a mark on her. Mark! mark! can you hear me? "to find myself, at last, a mark in the aching snow, "from whence i beheld through a blue haze a world of mountains piled upon mountains." What are the chances mark can get it working again? You think i'm fucking around? mark it zero! Make sure to mark this place. Bullshit, walter. mark it eight dude. Marty baron is just trying to make his mark. Hey, what do you say, yondu, huh? me and you, taking down a mark sidebyside, like the old days. Mark my words, mr. rezendes, if it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to abuse one. Hold on, mark. Now, if i remember my training correctly, one of the lessons was titled "don't dig up the big box of plutonium, mark." I just want the money, mark. You're gonna mark that calendar. Look, he just wanted to mark it and asked me to step up, okay? How do you make your mark? I can't get to you, mark. you're too far. Commander, i know you don't wanna hear this, but... mark is dead. Tommy, it's mark, man. 'the last word in the pledge of allegiance.' mark. Mission confirmation: mark watney has been successfully rescued. Say something, mark.