Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "And he becomes that man.", "This man is a disgrace.", "Nah, man.", "I know this is not a man.", "I was just playin', man, i swear."
(man #2) come on, braddock! (man) is he all right? Man potter! Snap out of it, man. What's up man? good to see you brother. But what of the man? She was nice. yeah, man. who was that? Hey man! He seemed like a good man. That's his fuckin' wife, man. Later, man. You play the man across from you. Makes play he's still a man. Man they're here! man search everywhere! I'm your brother, man. Let us discuss what the man has to say. The old man could replace fuses quicker than a jackrabbit on a date. Yeah, he'd be a young man now. Little man? Man says he loves me. Finish it, man. I was only playin', man. I'm just a junker, man. Man any sign? This man is a murderer. (man #1) good job, braddock! They never found the old man. Mr. inside man. Well, who is this man? A man that made me remember the five of november. Come on, man. Come on man. A masked man called bane. (man) knock him on the ground, bulldog! The other man was younger. You can come out here, man. you promise? Come on, man. hey! Man cenich? Hey, man. And yella, get the fuck outta here, man. me too? But you're a rich man. You're just living, man. You just shot an unarmed man. I swear, man... That man is gone. He's an old man who homesteaded here. One man above all. My man. Oh, man, this is the worst. Old man? What the fuck, man? But good god, man! Yeah, i can dig it, man. And then i killed a man. Shut it! you cut me, man! Thanks, man. ... . transfer to folsom a big man. Stanley the man. ... punk ass old man? bitch. You're a good man, cage. Oh, i'm not the man i was. You know what your trouble is, man? ... . and a third man... . You abducted me, man. Oh, man. This my country, man. We're the avengers, man. I got a po' porsche, man. Hi, rand. hey, man. We have good news for you, man. Don't tell me this stuff, man! No one cares about the man in the box. You recognize the grill man? I can beat this man, you know that. You, sir, pick your man. A fine man. Sorry, man. Shit, man. You are an honorable man, quill. Come on man! i'm serious about this! That is none of your business, man. This man should be tried. by whom? You're the man for me. This is a good man. You're just one man? (man) go home, braddock! Way to go, old man. This is just an outfit, man. Who was the man? I'm sorry, logan, but they sent back the wrong man. What's the word with you and your lady, man? He's a very lucky man. I was just playin', man, i swear. I know this is not a man. Nah, man. This man is a disgrace. And he becomes that man.