Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "You push that woman man thing too long and it gets to you after a while.", "Hello, little man.", "That kid's already spent all the money, man.", "...for this year's international man of mystery."
...the wings of an eagle, and the head of a man. I pronounced the man dead myself. That's fucking interesting, man. I daresay we have the right man, gentlemen. I want a fucking lawyer, man. He's a real man. Family man. a medical man, have you enjoyed my work? Yeah, thanks, man. I'm serious, man. Pick it up, man. You're the most perfect man i've ever known. You know what i did, man? I dig the way you do business, man. I give you the world's first pregnant man. I always knew you were a good man. Louis, my man. Man, ox, eagle, lion. man can control. Hey, man, you need a cab? Where's the big man? Are you all right, little man? This is a private residence, man. Not too good, man. As much as a man can be. This aggression will not stand, man. God bless iron man. A belgian man and his 15 year old love slave with webbed feet... But sometimes there's a man sometimes... Bunny lebowski, man. I got a rash, man. Hey, man. Well, take care, man. That man spoils his daughter. Sounds like the garbage man. An elvis man should love it. So this is the great man. Iron man? Yo, man. We fuck you up, man! I wager he'll have our man within the next 24 hours. Our man in amsterdam. Little man? Just listen up, man. No, no, man. There was a man, before. Man, that is fucked up. There's a man throwing up in there. Man, come on. I mean, we totally fucked it up, man. Like women, man. I found your man. I don't need your fucking sympathy, man. Man, taking care of her fucking dog, going to her fucking synagogue. Hey, man, what are you doing? I'll be there, man. Man wants to die? My pleasure, man. Who the fuck are you, man? Who's this man? It appears that the continued use of the iron man suit is accelerating your condition. You can't do that, man. How do you attract a man? Mobile infantry made me the man i am today. Walter, if you're there, pick up the fuckin' phone, man. Looking foxy tonight, man. He was truly a man of vision. So we have man, the ox, eagle. Narnia belongs to the narnians, just as it does to man. They're calling the cops, man. Hey, man, why don't you fucking listen occasionally? Oh, you're welcome, man. You're iron man and he just took it? This man set us up. There is a pregnant man. Make sure your man goes down in the fourth. Donny was a good bowler and a good man. That man was my father. He's around, man. Like iron man. Jesus, man. Five man job. No, man. Lord or not, you have no reason and no authority to arrest this man. We commit this child and this man to your keeping, o lord. Let me tell you, though, man. Very heavy, man. Come on, man, think! I want to make iron man look like an antique. We should be fuckin' dead, man. She wasn't looking at you, man. You know, man, we don't stand for shit. Larry, sweetie, the man is here! Thanks, man. Look, man, you do what you want. ...for this year's international man of mystery. That kid's already spent all the money, man. Hello, little man. You push that woman man thing too long and it gets to you after a while.