Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "No, not at all. i just have been really busy with mama.", "Come on, mama. let's go.", "Did you see the fight, mama?"
We had hard lives too, mama. I decided to come early and surprise mama. He's... he would introduce mama as the girl he met in paris. Mama, i'll send you money. L wish me and you and mama would just run away. He was afraid for his friend simon, mama. L just wanted to get your mama out of the house so we could talk. What l tell you about your mama? Jassie! mama! Your mama neither. Yeah, lots of people where i comes from does... but my mama taught me not to cause hurt to no man... niggers or not. Try standin' in the door and holler "mama, i'm home". Harry, mama loves you. Mama! mama! Read it to me, mama. Mae mobley go, mama. Please, not before dinner. not before dinner, mama says. That's aibee's bathroom, mama. hey, aibee! And you knew that because... my mama was a maid. It's a lonely road if a mama don't think their child is pretty. I swear, i hope mama ryan's real fucking happy, knowing that little jimmy's life is a little bit more important than two of our guys! Mama will be here soon to share some of the burden. Ooh. ooh, mama! That's true, mama. i'll try and keep the house. Give his mama back her tights. He works construction so he makes a pretty good living... but he don't help mama out with any money. Mama! Your mama. Tony... your mama called. gina's gone. Your mama and that fellow that's carrying me to get something to eat's... going to be back directly. Don't say nothing about our little spat to your mama. But i'm going to see my mama first. Hey! what the fuck did you about my mama, you little bitch? Shut up! why? was he playing with this little boy's mama, huh? How'd your mama die? We miss mama, don't we, daisy? yeah. Hey, karl. guess what? mama said you can stay in our garage. He's lying, mama. he'll never do better. You're as crazy as your mama. it's in the genes. How do you know who your daddy is? 'cause your mama told you so. Mama has a boyfriend now. Your mama and l don't have no problems except for you. Oh, my god. mama, come on out here. For my mama. it's only about a mile from where she lives now. Mama, i want some more. Mama says he's jealous because l belong to my daddy. Get home to your mama, boy. Do you see them, mama? is that them? L remember. he cut them to pieces, and one was his mama. I couldn't tell mama i didn't get asked to the dance. Do you understand me? yes, mama. What am i supposed to tell mama? What are you thinking, mama? Oh, mama. L love your mama. My daddy would kill him if he was here and somebody was mean to mama. Mama, you don't have to worry. L was talking to your mama. Mama, you take mardell and j. d. and get home. Uh, i just want to take a moment to say thank you, mama, pops. As for your mama, she didn't pick her life. You can meet my mama. I put it in, mama. Put mama in a chair before she breaks a hip. Mama was third runnerup in the miss south carolina pageant. He lets mama off work anytime because they're best friends. Come on, mama. L was going to see my mama at hoochy's dollar store. she works00 to00. Mama, we're late for bridge! Mama, i want to ask you about constantine. Mama. Howard, don't jump on the bed. sorry, mama. Mama, come see quick. Mama, why can't i go to school? Papa, mama! i love you. L ought not worry your mama with company. I'm a fighter, mama. And jolene, didn't your mama leave cora to you in her will? Hello, mama. Jassie! dia! mama! dia! Karl could stay if he wants to. mama said Mama, you sleep now. That wheatley boy and his mama in their garage. And then, we heard from go. mama maureen... stage four breast cancer. Karl, this is mama and vaughan. Mama? She wouldn't have nothing to do with me in front of other people... because mama and l don't have any money. And then johnny's mama wouldn't let me change a thing. Papa tomato, mama tomato and baby tomato. Who's an adult. okay? not mama carrie's kid. I don't want to go, mama. Mama, mama, mama... That's the way l feel about mama now. Did you see the fight, mama? Come on, mama. let's go. No, not at all. i just have been really busy with mama.