Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "I got home from school a week ago, and my mama told me she had quit."
Mama. Mama? Oh, mama. Hello, mama. All right, mama. Do not be so alarmed, mama. Hi, mama... with black smoke. Look, mama. Good night. good night, mama. You can meet my mama. Ok, mama. i need to run. He hasn't found him yet, mama. Get mama, get everybody. Is he dead, mama? Papa tomato, mama tomato and baby tomato. No, you didn't, mama. Yes, mama. yes, mama. Mama, you don't have to worry. Mama, you sleep now. Come on, mama. What, mama? I'm a fighter, mama. Whoa, mama! Does mama know? He was afraid for his friend simon, mama. You got a nice mama. Mama, i want some more. Stop the car, mama! What are you thinking, mama? L was talking to your mama. Did you see the fight, mama? Thank you, mama. Read it to me, mama. (rosemarie) i got it, mama. Help me, mama. I know your mama? Ja, mama. Mama nature's gift. Bye, mama. Mama! I don't know, mama. Why, mama? How could i forget, mama? That's your mama? What am i supposed to tell mama? Give your mama a kiss. What are we doing here, mama? I want to see my mama. Are you sad, mama? no. L'm sorry l hit your mama. Mama can have a piece. Did you draw this? yes, mama. Your mama. Tony... your mama called. gina's gone. Harry, mama loves you. What l tell you about your mama? Karl could stay if he wants to. mama said Your mama and l don't have no problems except for you. Them stories you and mama told me, they ain't in there. We had hard lives too, mama. He's lying, mama. he'll never do better. That wheatley boy and his mama in their garage. L love your mama. He ain't no account. he's mean to you and your mama. Vaughan's real good to mama. That's the way l feel about mama now. Lt will kill you. hey, mama, vaughan. L ought not worry your mama with company. Sure. you sleep with your mama tonight. Can't your mama and daddy tend to it? Is that them, mama? Do you see them, mama? is that them? Here, mama, look. Mama, what is the big deal about the red dress? Mama, mama, mama... Mama. mama. Ooh. ooh, mama! Mama! eothain! Where is mama? I don't want to go, mama. No. mama patrick says "no." But i'm going to see my mama first. I decided to come early and surprise mama. No, not at all. i just have been really busy with mama. It's a lonely road if a mama don't think their child is pretty. It's just with mama being sick and all. Alton's mama died of lung disease." I dropped out of school to help mama with the bills. You're my real mama, aibee. Mama, i want to ask you about constantine. Mama? back here, honey! I got home from school a week ago, and my mama told me she had quit.