Look at me

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Like a man possessed. you okay? look at me!", "Look at me. look at your future.", "Look at me, man. now, i'm serious.", "Just look at me!"
Look at me! Look at me. Look at me. what d'you see, huh? Look at me again, i'll kill you. stay down. down. Hey, look at me. Lt's not for me. don't look at me. Look at me. look at me. Now look at me! Are you sure? look at me, bianca. Look at me, auggie. Look at me, frank. nobody is fighting. Westward the wagons, across the sands of time until we... zero look at me. Not so low. look at me. Oh, god... look at me! come on! Look at me when i talk to you! you're too selfish! Sweetheart! look at me! mal, no! jesus christ! Joel, look at me! look. John, look at me. Can you do that? i know you're scared. look at me. come here. Look at me. look at me! Quintus, look at me. look at me! I'm not burned. look at me, please. Why, that's me! look at me! i'm an old man. Look at me. you have the power to destroy the stone. What, are you crazy? l see the way you look at me, manolo. Hey, hey, hey. look at me. you're okay. you're okay. Look at me, john. Stop looking at me. i don't like when people look at me like that. Marcus, look at me. you're going to be ok. Look at me. we all have marks on our face. Hey, willoughby's a good man. hey, look at me. look at me. My son... son... look at me. I just wish that one time, she would use it to look at me. Look at me! you're lower than a bastard. Sarah, look at me. Hey, jim, look at me. Look at me, brendan. let it go. let it go, okay? Oh, look at me. hey, i look good there. Look at me when i talk to you, homes! Look at me. look at me. what? Frank, look at me. look at me. Mal, look at me, please? 'cause she doesn't look at me like everybody else, and i don't want her to. Look at me. concentrate on me. Jason. don't look at me. Look at me. he's not your brother, right? But i'm off it now, look at me. i'm here. feeling great. Borden is out there living his life just as he intended, as if nothing had happened and look at me. Dad, look at me! dad. 'cause you look at me. what's the matter with you? Look at me. i know people, huh? white people. Look at me. sit down. Then, every time you look at me, that's all that you see? Marcus. marcus, please look at me. You fuckin' know. you know. look at me. you fuckin' know. Marcus, look at me. What do you want? a little food? look at me. Don't look at me, pal. Look at me. judge me by my size, do you? Every time i do, you look at me as if you haven't seen me in years. My father wouldn't look at me. Well, why don't you look at me? Don't look at me like that. Mal, look at me! but it doesn't matter. I just need you to look at me. Brendan, look at me. look at me. Every time you look at me you're reminded of him. They look at me. and that's it, that's the dream. I kept telling her it was my friend rita... and she kept saying she didn't know any ritas... look at me straight, sweetie. Look at me, mom. Look at me, i'm shaking. All right, you look at me. look at me. Canvas has titties. hey, look at me. i'm shawrelle. Look at me. you think i'm gonna He was teaching handtohand combat to second lieutenants... randy, look at me when you're talking to me, now, son. Look at me, kid. But he would never even look at me. Look at me. are you telling me the truth? If you just gave me a fucking chance! look at me! And look at me with the ears, the taxi driving down the street with the doors open. Just look at me! Look at me, man. now, i'm serious. Look at me. look at your future. Like a man possessed. you okay? look at me! at me look at