Little man

Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "It looks like a little man with a briefcase.", "You are a vain, empty little man,"
Are you all right, little man? Little man? Hello, little man. A few years later, that angry little man Aldo the apache and the little man? God was singing through this little man... Giant, little man, fire, fire walk with me. Let's make love, you silly, hairy little man. Fifteen bucks, little man Club business, little man. Good bye, you poor, strange little man. Yo, k fed, the little man in the boat? You are a mean little man. I wanted to know if i should do a little man scaping before my date tonight. What's up little man ? You are a vain, empty little man, It looks like a little man with a briefcase. man little