Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "A little. about what?", "I was just a little kid.", "It's okay to dream a little.", "Sorry, computer was moving a little slow for me.", "We know very little about him.", "Lt was a little old boy."
Little one. Little bit. A little bit, yeah. Where's this little brown house? Little man? A little. What little studio? A little more caution from you. Little bill. A little harsh. Live a little. Took a little something off. But we have little time. Everybody's still a little raw. That was a little before my time. A little black medical book. I worked on 'em a little bit. My little doll. Got a good arm. a little slow. You got a little boy. A lot or a little? It's like a little box of hate. Do you wanna play a little true or false? It's, uh, a little more... A little electronic metronome sets the time. You killed little bill. Time's up, little. My little black medical book! Little prick. Just a little. I was a little girl named joy. We have a little problem. A little test. A little test. I just have to be here just a little while longer. Your cheek, maybe a little bit in the beard. Hello, little brothers. You get a little wet. But he's such a little fucker. Little resistance. She couldn't stay a little girl forever, that's why she left. He's perfect. he needs a little help. You gonna let this little prick talk to me like that? Well, they're not poor little chaps. Would it bother you if i worked a little longer? You're not gonna give me a little credit? My little homie, ren, rap too. Look, all they want is one little piece of information. You should have seen his little face. You enjoy your life, little lady. Little fresh air. I'll just be a little while, okay? all right. Might be a little dangerous. A little the worse for wear, i'm afraid. Little rivers. That little girl? Go a little before. In a little while, perhaps. Little one, it's a simple calculus. You'll go kill little bill? He's a frightened, little, yellowbellied coward. Well, he knows a little about me. Let's try and sleep a little more. Quit acting like a little bitch! For a little while. That little house we talked about? I'll leave the door open a little bit. It's my little baby bro. This is starting to get a little bit repetitive. We're cutting it a little bit close here. This place is a little dead. Come on, live a little. A little bit. Even had a little taxi company. It's my little brother, man. Had an accident when he was little. You may be a little dizzy when we're done. Little k, fighting for what's his. A little excitement, something to tell your grandchildren. Stay right where you are, little joe. You have eleven acres in little boston. Virginia, you're a lucky little girl. She had these little stubby wings. Hi, daddy! hey, little buddy. Would have a little more composure. You find the foreground, the little things. Look at the little fella. he's doing it. I've got a little homework assignment for you. M doesn't mind you earning a little money on the side, dryden. I got a little agitated. You can get a little drunk. Lt was a little old boy. We know very little about him. Sorry, computer was moving a little slow for me. It's okay to dream a little. I was just a little kid. A little. about what?