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This is leo. Hello? leo? Bad play, leo. And you and me, you and leo, leo and me. Leo? it's good. Tell leo he's not god on the throne. Leo says he gives no special favors. This is cleveland! where's kid leo? where is he? I guess we both doublecrossed leo. Just take me to the leo crow murder. Who killed him? leo thinks caspar. There was for kate and leo. Leo says we're quits. Just tell me, who's leo crow? Leo isn't around, is he? You didn't give leo this double talk! Goodbye, leo. You said you didn't care about leo. We did it for leo on countless occasions. Where's leo now? I couldn't kill you then. where's leo? I'll be sure to tell him. where's leo? Leo say that as well? no, i said that. That's why we didn't put the arm on you, only leo. Why? leo can't protect him anymore. If leo did want me back, he's a bigger sap than i thought. Me and leo are finished. Leo, caspar didn't kill rug. of course he did. That wouldn't help your play with leo. Second, once leo decides, that's that. You, me, leo, the dane. So i give you bernie, smooth over leo, and you pay lazarre. I can't have leo giving him a shiny new penny. Leo gets verna. what's for me? come on. I need help from friends. like leo and you. If you appreciated me more, you wouldn't make waves with leo. I'll do what i must to protect leo. You want me to stop seeing leo? Leo has the right idea. i like him. What did you tell leo? Leo. he's looking for you. Wrong, leo. you do things for a reason. Leo, i ain't asking for permission. Leo has your hat. Leo. I talked to leo. i think that he'll buy it. Leo, let go of the gun. Leo crow? who the hell are you? You ever heard him mention the name leo crow? Somebody. leo crow. well, who is he? Start a location run and a contact search for future victim, leo crow. Well, the victim's name is leo crow. Breathe, leo, breathe. Leo said to get everybody together. Oh, come on, leo. come on, what? Oh, and leo. what? I leave it to you, leo. One hundred and seventy five that's your boy's weight. how you doing, leo? Leo! come. Remember my son, leo? of course i do. He's not in the mood, leo. Shame about leo. About this, uh, petition, leo. Another spring training is upon us, leo. in panama. Hello, leo. Morning, leo. good morning, mr. rickey. Νo, i’m a leo kate & briaν: but i have cancer. Leo, it's one zero miles to richmond. My name's leo. how are ya? Good time leo, that's me. There's nothing to hide from leo. right, leo? Sure. it's only little leo. Leo should be watching this. Leo, i see salt and pepper. Leo, do you want the breast? Thanks, leo. Leo, sweetheart. L know she's a smart girl, leo. Leo, don't go there. all right? Good evening, leo. good evening. Lay off the bennies, leo. Has anybody heard from leo or santos? Leo. you're off duty. Leo. you remember danny greene. Heuler, leo. : here. But where would leo grow up? She's a bad influence on you and leo. Can you prove this, leo? I want proof, leo. Doesn't sound like leo. But you said in your office that i could call you leo. You did it! leo! Leo? get back! Okay and you take care of leo. Bob, why do you think leo went after you like that? Happy birthday, leo. Dr. leo marvin. My god, leo. what's gotten into you? The author is dr. leo marvin.