Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "...l'm strongly advising that you get your shit together.", "...l'm embarrassed to say."
.l'm sorry, but someone's already asked me. L'm forrest. L'm sorry. L'm dying, forrest. L'm going to heaven, lieutenant dan. L'm glad we were here together in our nation's capital. Do you understand what l'm saying, gump? L'm supposed to go on the number nine bus to richmond street L'm talking about a shrimp-catching boat. L'm pretty tired. L'm sick. L'm sorry l ruined your new year's eve party, lieutenant dan. L'm not a smart man, L'm lieutenant dan taylor. L'm home, mama. L'm jenny. Yeah, but don't you be thinking that l'm going to be calling you "sir." Hello, l'm forrest. And that's what l'm doing here. L'm sorry, excuse me. ...l'm here for you. Well, l'm in one now. What l'm saying, fellas... L'm not his fiancee. What l'm doing here in the middle of the night, huh? ...l'm supposed to sit there and do what i was told. L'm so glad he found you. Not that l'm blaming you. L'm a lawyer! Yes, l'm pregnant, celeste. Okay, l'm his mother. Oh, l'm so sorry. L'm sick? Jerry, l'm not working christmas. I believe...l'm in love with edith keeler. L'm... ...l'm no longer around. L'm reborn. L'm helping her. Well, sir, l'm sorry, but guests have to be announced, ya know? But l'm officially off duty... L'm going to peter callaghan's apartment. Oh, l'm working here. L'm sorry things didn't work out with that guy. ...l'm sure you've barely slept or eaten. L'm handling it. L'm serving your eggnog. Oh, l'm sorry. ...l'm feeling much better. ...and l'm not saying for a second that i do, but if i did... L haven't delivered any furniture to florence yet, but l'm told it's nice. L'm okay. ...like l'm... ...l'm down. ...l'm embarrassed to say. ...l'm strongly advising that you get your shit together.