Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Say hello to karen, mija.", "So, karen.", "Everyone but you. karen", "It's00, karen."
Hello, karen! Well, thank you, karen. Hey karen, how are you? Karen too. yeah. Yeah, so you remember karen of course. Karen, can you give us a minute? Uh, no, um, ten karen just moved. Karen. karen. Here's karen at the health desk. Hey, karen. what's up? All right, what have we got? talk to me, karen. Honey, hey, hey, hey. hey, karen. karen. Yeah, this is, uh, little karen. Karen. I'm sorry? karen eiffel. Thanks, karen. Karen! You're hurting her, karen. Okay, karen, activate enhanced reconnaissance mode. Hi, karen. Karen, you have to help me override that time lock. I'm done, karen. I hope we'll meet again, karen. Karen, it's me again. Hello? is this karen eiffel? I need to speak to karen eiffel. Karen eiffel? professor hilbert, i know that voice. Yeah, okay? karen underwood. Karen wasn't looking at you. Karen, hold on. Karen was feeling me, man. Karen? Okay, karen, lower the voltage and run it. Why is this upsetting you, karen? Llnton: karen, calm down. Shit, there's karen clark. Karen will want you to say "war is unforeseeable." And karen knows about the future planning committee. L'm sorry, karen, but you... . That was something karen said, sir. Karen flagged a report by one of her staffers. Thank you so much, karen, hm. bob. Ah, karen. You must be psyched that karen brought it up. Karen clark? No, karen, stop it with the instant kill already. Stupid interrogation mode. karen, don't ever do that again. Karen, i'm on my way. Karen, get me to decathlon as fast as possible. Hey, karen, what else can this suit do? You can call me karen if you would like. What about karen? I'm here to see karen moreno. Byebye, karen. Karen settman. You are hurting her, karen. What is your relationship to karen in reception? Karen, i'm coming in, honey. But karen though... Hey, karen. Karen, ohio. There you go, karen. thank you. Hey karen. I think she was scared of you, karen. Don't think about that, karen. Karen... i... Did karen walker try to kill you? Karen, it's mr. simon. You didn't exactly charm karen crowder. Did you send karen flowers to her home? Karen... How are ya, karen? Karen, i've got a board waiting in there. Karen! everyone's waiting. i'm coming, don. Do i look like i'm negotiating?! karen? What do you need, karen? lay it on me. See, now, that's just not the way to go here, karen. Karen? hi, i'm michael clayton. Where the fuck is karen crowder? Karen! shame on you! Do what you want. you did, karen did. That was good work, karen. Karen! karen. Frank, what is your relationship to karen in reception? Oh, uh, hi, karen. Karen. he killed himself. Your mother was a good woman, karen. It's00, karen. Everyone but you. karen So, karen. Say hello to karen, mija.