Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Pull them in now. l'm gonna do what jim gordon never could.", "Hello, mae. i came to pray for jim.", "Hey, jim? if he goes for your body...", "(joe) jim? you're fine. stay down."
Oh, jim gordon? he's a friend, actually. try to be nice. Hello, jim. harvey? Hey, jim. get a load of this. Jim, it's over. No, jim, stop him! Hello? jim, we're in trouble. The criminals you arrested would be released... and jim gordon will have died for nothing. Jim needs you to pack up and put the kids in the car right away. Jim needs you away from them as soon as possible. Jim, you've got to look at this. Jim, he's not here. you let your wife come to the door? Fact, jim. fact. if you don't buy things: toilet paper, new cars, Lure him in, jim. Well, hello. this is jim. Jim gordon can tell you the truth about harvey dent. Jim, it's the kobayashi maru. Lightning storm. jim, you're awake. how do you feel? Sure, jim. sure. Jim garrison has said: Jim, he picks it up, wipes it off. In fact, very few, jim... jim, very few... of us here are actually mentally ill. Dr. railly, jim halperin, philly p. d. sorry to call you so early this mornin'. I'm a doctor, jim. i'm busy. There's jim beam and early times. Billions of lives lost because of me, jim. (bond) jim braddock's rise from the soup lines... to number one heavyweight contender has truly been miraculous. Who's jim braddock? Jim! i'm not kidding! we need to keep your heart rate down! Jim kirk. mccoy. leonard mccoy. Jim, you said you helped out on father barrett as a favor. What are we for then? we're consumers, jim. Something's wrong, jim. i know it. If it'd been me who'd not made it, major coolidge'd be talking right now to my son jim. Big jim gave strict orders. no fbl. His goldenboy peak ended when tommy loughran... handled jim over fifteen rounds back in '29. Jim, we must go. Looks like they dug old jim braddock out of retirement... at least for one more fight. (promoter #1) jim. Hey, jim. mike. I need to know, jim. Captain! captain pike, sir... jim, come back here! Go, jim. Good luck. jim. That's more important than jim garrison. His style familiar, jim? like looking in a mirror, huh? "boxer jim braddock has come back from the dead... (promoter #3) here you go, jim. Deptford jim. paul hill. Look, jim, i gotta go. yeah. Come on, jim. very good. okay. Now, jerry, here's jim garrison... the district attorney of new orleans, louisiana. After an investigation in new orleans... reporters have learned... that district attorney jim garrison and his staff... have intimidated, bribed and even drugged witnesses... Jesus, jim, he wasn't gonna hit me. You okay? jim! jim! help! Just jim. yeah. good. okay. Hey, jim. It's jim. jim kirk. Go on, jimmy! (bond) jim survived the round and looked pretty good doing it. Where are they, mae? jim, we can't even keep 'em warm. Now. now, jim. now. This is jim finnerty reporting for kjsf in richmond. Jim scarborough never carried one. Why not? what happens? jim, this is one rule you cannot break. Beat him from the inside out, jim! from the inside out! (bond) lasky continues to fire. You wanna kiss me, jim? yes, l do. Jim kurring. Jim! i'm sorry. We can't just go in there guns blazing, jim, not with their technology. Last summer was a motherfucking ball, huh, jim? yeah. Jim! our rule: no property, no law... just love. The more one looks at jim garrison, the more one finds... he has destroyed reputations, spread fear and suspicion, and worst of all... exploited this nation's sorrow and doubt. Stay off him, jim. come on! Jim, no! mike, you okay, baby? Jim, where are you going? it's me, samuel. Jim, come back! kirk! Don't you know jim sullivan? Jim sullivan's office. Jim! what's going on? So i said, "jim, it makes me sick... " open the window, will you? Jim, bad news, bill's turned. Jim, you didn't see. you weren't here. Hello, is this jim garrison's daughter? Oh, damn, jim. I never thought i'd see you here, jim. Work his body, jim! braddock punching well with both hands now. Hey, jim, look at me. No, jim. that is not my destiny. your... (johnston) jim. Jim braddock will not be denied! Jim. okay. jim it is. It's a mess down there, jim. That is where i'm from, jim, the future. (joe) jim, he's a very slow guy. Jim? Hey! enough, jim! "people who were ready to throw in the towel... "are finding inspiration in their new hero, jim braddock. (joe) jim? you're fine. stay down. Hey, jim? if he goes for your body... Hello, mae. i came to pray for jim. Pull them in now. l'm gonna do what jim gordon never could.