Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Neither of you'd have lasted a round against jim jeffries."
He and jeffries always sit together at lunch. I'll bet it's jeffries. Mr. jeffries? When don jeffries brought... don jeffries brought me... don jeffries brought me in here twelve years ago... trusted me, mentored me. Don jeffries is here. we're on the way. This is david and marcia wincott, ronald and celia jeffries, hiroki tanaka, and jessika and fredrich walden. Don jeffries gave me the number. Don jeffries wants us on the phone in half an hour. Oh, mr. jeffries. oh, the shit, it come out of my ass. Don jeffries signed this? Where in the hell have you been, jeffries? Here's your key, mr. jeffries. Jeffries, you've been gone damn near two years. Let's go in and ask don jeffries... if he wants to pass the hat for a worthy cause. Sit down, jeffries. Cooper, meet the longlost phillip jeffries. Why do you follow jeffries, boy? But we must hurry. heavens, jeffries, if i'd have known it was at harbottle's for sure, Matilda jeffries. keep pulling the sweater. Hurry, jeffries! Derice, i've known you since julie jeffries asked to see your dingaling. Let him go, jeffries. Excuse me, mr mugatu. mr mugatu, matilda jeffries. If you watch those old films... of jack johnson and jeffries and cornet those guys were trained in bareknuckle style, you know? Neither of you'd have lasted a round against jim jeffries.