Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "This is my worthless nephew, jason.", "Jason keyes is a world champion of poker.", "Jason keyes, the amateur internet player from tucson, arizona...", "Jason is mine."
Hello, jason. Jason and alison denbright. Jason, don't hang up the phone again. Ain't nobody plays jason stackhouse. I am, jason. Jason. This is jason stackhouse. Good to see you too, jason. Jason dragging you into his bullshit? Because some things never change, jason... Hey, jason, it's me. His name was jason. Jason? Jason, jason. Jason, this is miss newlin. About jason too? I love you, jason stackhouse, whether you like it or not. I'm with jason. Jason, we didn't have sex. You are a brave soldier, jason stackhouse. Jason stackhouse? Jason castalano's choking on his retainer. Amy, if i die here, jason will never forgive you... Jason... Any news about jason? Jason called him... He said if i said anything about him and jason, he would hunt me down and kill me. Jason and i were together last night and it was a beautiful thing. Okay, so jason is sensitive. Jason, jason, jason. Jason folds. Jason, puppy dog... Jason and tara are coming over this evening as well. Hey, how's jason? Hey there, jason. Oh, my sweet, innocent jason. Jason couldn't kill anybody. Jason, what the fuck? Jason, baby, i ain't got no expectations of you. The fbi initially had 4 other suspects besides jason wilkie... Jason tells me you're all violent, power hungry opportunists. Definitely jason. Jason keyes has ace, queen of diamonds. She's playing you, jason. Jason stackhouse. She's right, jason. Jason fucking stackhouse, you bigmouth motherfucker. This fight you heard dawn and jason having... Jason keyes needs a queen, and the river. Jason got arrested? I should probably call jason. You need to come with us, jason. I heard the name jason. You slept with jason? Jason may be many things, but he is not a murderer. Jason and sookie stackhouse. Why come you won't call jason stackhouse? Now i don't feel so bad about sleeping with jason hurley. Believe it or not, jason... And after jason was executed, kevin had to take revenge again. Jason wilkie could have made this recording before he was arrested? Hi, jason. Batman 2 has to be the second robin, jason todd. Jason raises one more... And you're good, jason. Jason, keep sookie in the house. Jason is not a sissy. Jason calls. Afternoon, jason. You've reached officer jason stackhouse. But as long as i am alive, jason... Jason, baby. Jason is mine. Jason keyes, the amateur internet player from tucson, arizona... Jason keyes is a world champion of poker. This is my worthless nephew, jason.