Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Jason, how old are you? seventeen.", "Jason. can you hear me, baby?"
This is jason bourne. Jason! Hello, jason. Jason? That's jason bourne. My name is jason bourne. You did good, jason. A jason bourne. I'm unarmed, jason. L'll redial this number. jason, wait! Jason bourne is dead. do you hear me? Have you read jason berry's book? I'm no longer jason bourne. Who is this? this is jason bourne. Jason. don't look at me. Hey, jason. Peter jason quill, from terra. You can't outrun what you did, jason. You didn't even blink, jason. She's in league with jason bourne, for christ's sakes! We have reason to believe there's a connection between neal daniels and jason bourne. It's what you are, jason, a killer. Jason, please. Please, jason. Jason, willoughby here. Jason? he's coming up on ten now, if you can believe it. Get jason over here. Oh, jason thought it would be a good idea for me to go to see the cowboy. Jason said he thought it would be a good idea. Jason, where are you going? Jason, what are you doing? Why don't you talk to marie, jason? You were in, jason. you were in! Jason, all we've been doing right from... enough. Jason, who's out there? who is it? Jason, what just happened in there? Jason? there's no hot water. You mean jason. My name's jason murdoch. john murdoch. It's what you are, jason ? a killer. I 'm not having jason bourne destroy any more of this agency. You read a couple of files on jason bourne, and that makes you an expert? Do you have a jason bourne in custody? yes, i do. Jason bourne happened. you got the files. Jason, what do i do? Jason. Like jason and the golden fleece, or what? A careful dose of sedatives for jason, some security. Jason bourne? no. jack bauer. Jason, don't go out… jason, don't! Hi, jason. my name is kevin, Thanks, jason, but i already have a date. When l get there? jason asked if l… And i wanna talk to him right now. his name's jason. Jason, get up. Do i look as stupid to you as i do to jason? Okay, say... jason. The yankees are paying jason a lot of money. Jason! no! Wait! jason, wait! Come on, jason. we're not going up to the roof. Jason kancam. Jason horvath. Jason hooked me up with some weed. I'm sorry, jason. Jason, stop it! His son, jason, was once a student of yours, wasn't he? Thank you, jason. that is very inspiring. Where's jason and billy? upstairs, asleep. Come here. jason. His name's jason. You stay on top of it, jason. How are the jason bournes doing downstairs? L'm jason lyle's uncle. Jason lyle, but l ain't no sir. Jason, before the black hole, there was an energy surge from sarris' ship. Armor almost gone, jason! That's right. well, i hate to break it to you, jason, Okay. wait, jason. what about me? Look out, jason! My name is jason nesmith. i am an actor. Oh, no, no, no. jason, i'll just... i'll just mess it up. See, that's your problem, jason. Fred's no good, jason. you're just gonna have to kill it. Stand back, jason. Jason, we're gonna test it. No, jason. that's a wrap. Let's go, jason. let's get out of here. Jason. can you hear me, baby? Jason, how old are you? seventeen.