It's beautiful

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "It's like a candle burning at both ends, but it's beautiful."
It's beautiful. you look at a baby, and it's so pure It's beautiful goldie. it's just like i promised, only better. Is it really tight? no, no. it's beautiful. It's beautiful. I can't believe it. thank you. thank you. it's beautiful. It's beautiful. 'course, i'm an excellent driver. It's beautiful up here. Honey, it's beautiful. It's beautiful. yeah, it's pretty good. And it's beautiful 'cause she's just pouring out of this thing, you know? I call it the shadow gallery. it's beautiful. It's beautiful. yeah, i thought so. It's beautiful, actually. It's beautiful here. It's beautiful. thank you. It's beautiful! you picked me. Looks great. it's beautiful. It will not. it's beautiful. It's beautiful. oh, look! look at that one. It's beautiful! It's beautiful. but it's huge! How did you like my singing anyway? oh, it's beautiful. Nice, huh? it's beautiful. Thank you, pita. it's beautiful. God, it's beautiful here. you're so lucky. It's beautiful. isn't it? Like it? yes, it's beautiful. Oh, yeah, it's it's beautiful. It's beautiful. got the sky over my house lit up like a bonfire. Oh, it's beautiful. Oh, sweetheart, it's beautiful. You sure you don't want to go into the ocean bar? it's really, it's beautiful in there. Wow, it's beautiful. Abraham taught me. it's beautiful. Whoah, mark! is this the baby's room? it's beautiful! Yeah. it's beautiful. And he says, "it's beautiful. It's beautiful, but i can tell this isn't disco enough for you, so i'm gonna put it right here. Look how it's red. it's beautiful. You know, it's... it's beautiful, and i love you so much, but i just have to say something. No, i wanna see it! it's beautiful. It's beautiful. very romantic. It's beautiful, johnny. It's beautiful, paul. it's lovely. Wow, it's beautiful, it's... you're really talented. Oh, it's beautiful! i always wanted one of these. It's beautiful, reynolds. Oh, it's beautiful! Yes, it's beautiful, but it's too busy. It's... well, it's beautiful. thank you. thanks. No, it's beautiful. put it on. And hal and i traveled everywhere. i hear it's beautiful. Lovely box, isn't it? it's beautiful. it's not english breakfast. that's not, no. Well, it's beautiful. Wow! it's beautiful. Look at that sequin thing. it's beautiful. Yeah? you like those? it's beautiful. Because it's beautiful. It's beautiful! what did i tell you? It's beautiful. it sure is. No, i... no, i... it's beautiful here. It's like a candle burning at both ends, but it's beautiful. beautiful it's