Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "It's yours!", "It's over now.", "It's like yesterday never happened!", "None of it's on the books.", "I mean, it's on a whole other level.", "It's nothing.", "It's lord now, actually."
It's nothin' new! It's fixed. Oh, god, it's hopeless! It's working. It's time... It's a 1974 chevy nova. It's a doozy! I think it's best if you simply. And i don't mind telling you, nigger, it's steady work. It's better if we face each other. My god, it's cleopatra! It's about goddamn time. It's no use pretending any different. It's just us. Maybe it's a trap. It's too late to do anything else. It's my personal favorite. I think it's odd. It's your son. It's amazing! It's about legacy. The elder wand belongs to the wizard who killed it's last owner. It's fucking zero. It's so delectable and so darn good looking. It's max. It's traditional that the three champions well, in this case, four. It's all right. It's very effective, tony. It's too late. You could almost say that it's beyond natural color. It's jackie brown. It's not like i'm asking you to fix my car. It's open right now. It's so warm out. I'm afraid, it's quite extensive. It's ours for the taking. It's only a dream, alice. It's time. It's safer that way. It's not... It's not on the elemental chart. Marcy, it's paul. It's groundhog day. It's a widely held belief... It's the bible. It's complicated. It's never landed. It's a tomb. But it's time. Yolanda, it's cool, baby. It's here, in the castle. It's not on the market yet, so you must take it at once. It's lifting. It's a key. It's okay, right? It's for that very reason i know you are. It's finally come down to this. It's like a lion. It's bad for my voice. I'll let you know when it's over. I mean, it's freezing. It's no coincidence that its 150 feet of green hull is the color of cash. It's too sad to talk about it. It's very nice to meet you, sir. It's frank pierce from the ambulance last night. It's a shame. To me, it's like heaven. It's very narnian looking, isn't it? It's functional? It's not really something i think about. It's... It's been a long winter. It's a broom cupboard. But it's a good sign. I think it's still hungry. It's okay. It's morning in the congo. And it's a pity. You'll learn what it's like to fire an employee. It's kirby. It's been going on for nearly a month, and i think he should see someone. He thinks it's good for business. I suppose it's... It's impossible. I think it's up to us now. It's great. I mean, it's like the presidency... It's an outrage. You sure it's not mine? It's just a bug. It's an old address book i found in a coat i haven't worn in a coon's age. It's lord now, actually. It's nothing. I mean, it's on a whole other level. None of it's on the books. It's like yesterday never happened! It's over now. It's yours!