Is that

Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "Is that important?", "How is that possible?", "Is that all it was?"
Steve's power is that he creates trends. Is that it? Is that justin hammer? Is that a helmet? Is that what you're wearing? Is that dirty enough for you? Is that coincidence? What is that? How is that for gratitude? The good news is that one of our agents... Who the fuck is that? Is that all? Villa lobos is that mexican? What you care about is that you're not daddy's girl anymore. Is that your name? What is that, vince? Is that your bird? Is that not so? Is that his loft, then? What kind of a question is that? Is that... How much is that? Is that geneva? Professor, what is that? King's cross, is that right? Is that right, jimmie? Which way is that? Is that right? Is that what you call an uncomfortable silence? Is that boris? Is that true? Is that a yes? ...what is that? Who is that? The only difference between you and i is that i have resources. Is that what i think it is?. Is that not good? Where is that country? Is that the best you can do? Who is that guy? Now, where is that monkey? What place is that? Is that okay? Is that why you slapped my brother around in public? What i'm saying is that we have now what we have always needed... The important thing is that nothing interferes with our plans for the future. Who in the hell is that? Is that your blood? Who is that man? The place you live in is that much more drab and empty that they're gone. Is that your mom and dad? What i've come to realize is that i really like you, marla. Since when is that standard procedure? Is that silk? Is that...? And your character is that of the valet. Is that supposed to be funny? Because what's important is that we have each other. Is that i wanted to be. What i don't understand is that you've been working All i can tell you is that i'm a different person now. Is that the plan? I should explain to you exactly what it is that i do. Is that a joke? One is that scaffold. All i know is that green was an arizona real estate hustler... Or is that the on switch? Curtis,what is that? Is that what you think? Is that still... What is that noise? And the truth is that what i see frightens me. Is that your explanation? Why is that significant? Where the hell is that? And whose fault is that, huh, francis? Is that clear? And whose fault is that? Is that what we smoked last night? Is that general sanford smithers i see? Paying you to do is that you don't have a job to do? Is that what america's about? How bad is that? Is that all it was? How is that possible? Is that important? that is