Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Iris. iris. and you?", "Iris?", "I'll call you tomorrow. i'm sorry, iris.", "Iris? iris needs you.", "Iris was gettin' me a dry pair from upstairs. what is that?", "Iris! iris, wake up! get up."
Have to go to a date with iris. My name is iris. Iris, that's her name. I have to be at the bar at00 with iris. It's okay. you think you could show me how you were going to dance with iris? Iris missed a beautiful dance. yeah. Six minutes to iris. Launch, what's happening? force on iris is seven g's. With the iris closed, i can't heat the metal. I have to go to a date with iris at the bar. Now, we finished the iris probe in sixty two days. Yes. hello, iris. Your name is iris. Five iris marianne. Yeah, lisa. iris, listen. Iris, find out if armbruster can see me. It's iris hineman. Green and brown. interesting iris variation. Thank you, iris. Iris marianne, five stand up, please. Go with my assistant iris. all right. No, iris, not the baby. lisa is starving. Joe miller's office. iris. Iris, you take good care of mr. finley. One second. ah, could you get iris in here for a second? You have irene. or iris. Hi, al. hi, iris. how was your weekend? There's nothing to be afraid of, iris. Funny. hold on, iris. excuse me, sir? Iris will take good care of you. Iris got a canker on her bum from sitting on a loo seat. The beam of light on the iris is nothing if not a v. Welcome to iris burton agency. No. right away, iris. Iris ran screaming into the street, her backside hissing. Iris is in the driveway. Iris? yeah? I checked the patent for the iris scanner to see if the original schematic reveal any weaknesses. Ah. the iris. amazing resilience. Yet another similarity with you and iris. Pale bluecoloured iris... Do you know how the iris dating scheme works these days? Iris, i'm so sorry. tell her about the condom. You don't mind if i stay here and relax, do you, iris? 'course i don't, handsome man like you. No, no, no, iris, you just stay right there. Just not how iris described you to me, i guess. Okay, don't you think we both agree it's better if iris just doesn't know? This is... this is hard iris. That's all right, iris. Iris! Look, iris invited you up. Why do you suppose it is that something as small and insignificant as the iris should be so much stronger than we are? I think it would be bad for all of us if iris knows about this. Iris needs you. iris needs you, now come on. Iris. Computer: iris recognition. so, what does your dad do? Iris is the eldest daughter. it's her responsibility now. Iris, make it stop. make it stop! Rose. iris and rose. Morning, iris. Please, iris! please, please, please... Hey, uh... hey iris, could i get a glass of water? Iris! iris, wake up! get up. Iris was gettin' me a dry pair from upstairs. what is that? Iris? iris needs you. I'll call you tomorrow. i'm sorry, iris. Iris? Iris. iris. and you?