I better not

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Oh, i better not be pregnant again."
Until i get what i'm looking for from this latest dalliance � i better not find you within ten city blocks of her � otherwise i will be forced to do you some very serious damage. I better not ever see your fuckin' ass walk through these doors again! I better not. I better not do that. sorry. now, wait I better not find out it's you. Well, i better not come in. You know, one time he says to me, "i better not catch you drinking." Oh, no. listen, there's ladies present, karen, so i better not say. I better not look out the window and see anybody flying around in that. And i better not come back for a couple of days. And i better not see one drop of blood on that motherfucker. Otherwise i think i better not can do more than my last trip. Yeah, well, i better not suck at that. And i better not find out that you're late to that school. Oh, i better not be pregnant again. better not i better