I'm with

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Mr bates, i'm with the cancer society. right."
I'm with reiben on this one, sir. I'm with the woonsocket call. I'm with the boston globe. You know, i'm with nancy reagan there. I'm with you too. Right now... i'm with the finest fox i ever laid my eyes on. Of course i'm with you. I'm with mr. jinnah. we must never submit to such laws... I'm with you, rogue leader. That's not important. what matters is who i'm with. But i don't know if he's happy i'm with him. I don't know who i'm with or why i'm there, or where i am. I'm with them. I'm with vital affairs magazine. I'm so happy when i'm with you. I'm with the resistance, yeah. Who are you? i'm with him. I'm with a student. but if you want to come back tomorrow Nothing can happen to me when i'm with you. I don't like myself when i'm with him. Hi, susan. how are you? i'm with joel. Willie? i'm with you. It's a heart i should have loved tonight but i figured that you know i'm with ya Okay, i'm with the ain't rights from washington, d. c. uh, technically, we're from arlington. Can't you see i'm with my child? I'm with the u. s. congress. You know what? i'm with mum. So you think she did that because... maybe she doesn't like the fact that i'm with you. I'm with her, actually. actually, this is my boyfriend. I'm with you, billy. I'm with the clackamas county sheriff's office. Absolutely. i'm with you on that one. I'm with the school paper. Bless you. bless you. i'm with you. Officer scott, i'm with the precrime trauma response unit. Skulls? you kidding? i'm with the turks now. I'm with you. I'm with the congressional subcommittee on legislative oversight. I'm with an international aid organisation. Let's go, kid. no, look. i'm with somebody. "look at the girl i'm with. Fourteen kids. i'm with you. I'm with the house subcommittee on legislative oversight. All right? and when i'm with you, Shaun. yeah, i'm with customers. I'm with, uh, people. You know what? i... i'm with someone. I get it. i know. i'm with you. Joe, i'm with drew. Sex is the last thing on my mind when i'm with a patient. So i'm with a michael. I'm with the firm john. I'm with him on this one. that's pretty fucking obscure. Come on! i'm with you! Yeah, man! i'm with you! I'm with frank greene now. I'm with a friend. and who would that be? Dick lobel. i'm with the museum film department. Twenty as long as i'm with this firm. As long as i'm with him, there's still a chance that he might talk. No. i cannot computercoach you every day while i'm with my girlfriends. Oh, john! no, i'm with gregory now. You know i'm with you, sonny. I'm with sir geoffrey now. I'm with you. know what i'm saying? I'm with enjoo. And the answer is... okay, i'm with it. You can't just run up and punch people i'm with. Huh. i'm with the new york sun. i'm bryan denton. No, no, i'm with the guy you just... john! john! 'i don't know what it's given me 'but i've got no control over myself when i'm with jd. 'are we going to prom or to hell? ' None of my beeswax, but i'm with the big fella here. All this shit, all the world the responsibilities... all the problems, that stuff man, that just disappears when i'm with you. So, i'm with you, would it really honor his memory, to crawl into that gym, face that casket, and give a thanks that you don't feel. I'm with tsa. i understand from the captain you have a situation. Are you with us, dr. weir? yes, i'm with you. Well, i'm with you there. I'm with him. When i'm with him, i feel... I'm with a prostitute. what's up? Yeah, i'm with that. bust some spades? Because i'm with you. How do i know you're not lying to me? smoke will be coming for me, as soon as he figures out i'm with you. I'm with doug. Just for the record, commander dameron, i'm with the droid on this one. No, no, mom, it's okay. i'm with charlie. i'm okay. I'm with you, mark. go on, mark. Whatever you choose, i'm with you. Married? you mean those people i'm with? I must wait. you see, i'm with friends. If i'm not dead, i'm with you. I'm with you, guy. My name's alan ward. i'm with the fbi. I'm with the american light and fixture company, jewellery division, and i've got the deal of a lifetime. I'm with the phone company. Mr bates, i'm with the cancer society. right. with i'm