How many men?

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Do you know how many men i've lost under my command? How many men did you kill in korea? How many men? How many men you killed, kid? five. How many men are they talking about, sir? ... how many men you killed? How many men does cornwallis have? How many men will survive? And how many men in your detail guarding the emir? How many men do you have battleready, give ortake? How many men do i have for this... Well, how many men do we have there? How many men since then? just johnny. Mr. cogburn, in your four years as u. s. marshal, how many men have you shot? How many men are out there? How many men for custer? How many men will we have? maybe five hundred It doesn't matter how many men you defeat. How many men in your platoon came out of there alive? Oh, i see. and how many men are indebted to you ? Too obvious. how many men have you detailed for tonight? Right. how many men did you count on the... ? How many men is with the girl? How many men can you give me? How many men do you have working today? You know how many men over fifty married women under forty in the last four months? And how many men have been enslaved to build your bridge? We haven’t… he doesn’t seem to want to... you’d be surprised how many men come to me and don’t want anything physical. How many men do we have searching the tiers? How many men has stalin had to sacrifice so far? five million? How many men would sacrifice their careers for their family like you have? Nick, how many men are interested in a woman who's forty eight years old... has a kid, no money and stretch marks? Well... how many men have you killed so far? You know how many men we saved? How many men will you need? many men? how many