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Honey. Craig, honey, time to get up. Honey? They killed him, honey. All right, honey? Good night, honey. Hello honey. Honey, it's late. Wait a minute honey. Hi, honey. hi. We're workin' out, honey. Honey, this is about you. Wait in the kitchen, honey. Honey, he tapped him out! Oh, honey, he's teasing you. See you tonight, honey. Honey, i'm sorry. Well, you kicked the covers off, honey. Come on, honey. Honey, tell me what's going on with miranda? Yes, honey? Honey, it's beautiful. Take a walk, honey. Goodnight, honey. Put paulina on. bye, honey. Come on now, honey. some fresh air Jake, honey. I don't like it either, honey. Honey. go get us some of those crackers, would you? "hi, honey, guess what? i walked into this house today... I'm not their legal guardian, honey. Honey, it's not gonna happen. Thanks, honey. Honey, please. Cos, i can't keep track of your professions honey. Or is this the wrong crowd? honey. Honey... It's just something to do with via's school, honey. You want some honey? Honey, listen... Welcome home, honey. hi. Honey... just tell me! Be cool, honey bunny, be cool. Happy birthday, honey. Hey, honey. Yes, honey. Mommy will get you some, honey. No, honey, we can't do that. Great, honey. Will you marry me, honey? L know, honey. Hello there, honey. No. why not, honey? Aren't you hungry, honey? Adjustable's our bread and honey. Listen, honey, i ain't after your fucking ass. Here you go, honey. There's a lot in here, honey. This is for ramona, honey. Oh, honey, come over here. look at this. Love you, honey. That's a bad notion. whoa. no. no. honey... Honey, i'm coming. What did we put over there, honey? Honey? no. it's all right. You're dead, honey. Hi, honey. You all right? honey, it's incredible. Say, hi, honey. What's that you've got there, honey? Honey, you can go anywhere you want in the world now. You better hang on to your money, honey. mmmhmm. Honey, you don't have the slightest chance. Brad, honey. l can teach and tell you... Honey, you haven't seen trouble. Well, she says, uh, "you go get them, honey." Please don't yell, honey. just don't go crazy. Isabella? honey, it's not you. it wasn't you. Honey, i'm home. No, honey. we don't. L'm sorry, honey. Honey, don't rush everybody off. I love you too, honey bunny. now, I'm proud of you, honey bunny. i love you. It's still cool, honey bunny. how we doin', baby? Tell her to chill! chill out, honey bunny! Let go of him! chill out, honey bunny!