Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Honey, honey, can you hear me?"
Jimmy, go play with your sister. go ahead, honey. Honey, you don't have the slightest chance. Honey, can i have that coffee now? yes, sir. I don't like it either, honey. Honey, let me just go get him out of here. Please don't yell, honey. just don't go crazy. This is for you, honey. Hey, honey. This is terrific, honey. i'm so happy for you. Honey, listen... Are you guys okay? sure, honey, everything's okay. Honey... Isabella? honey, it's not you. it wasn't you. What do you wanna be when you grow up, honey? Honey, i think we're gonna have to do... a little shopping foryou before you take off? Naomi! mommy! honey, it's okay. Say, hi, honey. That's so great, honey. it's time for your food. I love you, pumpkin. i love you, honey bunny. Claudia, it's mom! open the door, honey! Honey, you haven't seen trouble. Fix your bra, honey. that's better. That's some handle you got there, honey. thank you. Honey. he hasn't slept in a bed Oh, god! oh, god, honey. L know, honey. Honey, we gotta hit the fuckin' road! get on! Honey, this is about you. L'm sorry, honey. Take a walk, honey. Honey, come here. okay, well, your dad is driving me crazy. Honey. Happy birthday, honey. What's the matter, honey? what happened? Lou ann, honey, i can't talk right now. i'm at work. It's exactly silver lining to that too honey because they said eventually. I told general abrams, install honey in the commissaries. Honey... you're a good kid. Hey, honey, look. Honey, will you get me some baggies and, uh, twistix from the kitchen? Honey, i'm home. I love you too, honey bunny. now, Put paulina on. bye, honey. Honey, you can go anywhere you want in the world now. Detective loki is... honey? No, no, no, honey. promise me you won't go in there, ok? What a great tragedy. honey, oh my god! Now, tell me, baby. i won't get mad, honey. Honey? I didn't think so, honey. It's all right, honey. it's gonna be all right. Honey, i have to go, your brother just threw up at school. I got the chips. hi, honey. oh, thanks. Come here, honey. Hello honey. Totally good. keep playing. honey, are you okay? Oh, honey, he's teasing you. Mommy will get you some, honey. See you tonight, honey. Come on, honey! We didn't just read poetry we let it drip from our tongues like honey. Bye, honey. Hi, honey. Let go of him! chill out, honey bunny! I don't know honey, no... Let me see you. oh, honey, you got a spot. Honey, it's beautiful. Brad, honey. l can teach and tell you... Honey, you want to be an explorer? Honey, it's late. Honey, don't you think you've had enough to drink? You want some honey? Mattie, honey, get a hold of yourself. Randy, no. wait for christmas to start, honey. They killed him, honey. Honey, please. What's that you've got there, honey? I think we got a hero here, honey bunny. well, just execute him! He doesn't have any money, honey. Who we clapping for? honey, we clapping for you! Turns out you completely off the hook, honey. You've gotten so wrapped up in sugar, you forgotten the taste of real honey! Excuse me, honey. can i ask you a personal question? Honey, i'm sorry. We were just a job to her, honey. It's still cool, honey bunny. how we doin', baby? Honey, that was you. Honey, stuart had to cancel. All right, honey? Well, you kicked the covers off, honey. We're workin' out, honey. Honey, come take a look. Well, she says, uh, "you go get them, honey." All right, honey. It's just something to do with via's school, honey. Honey, the cooler is that's light, huh? Honey, honey, can you hear me?