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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hi. yeah, um, i was trying to reach officer frank gomez."
Mikey. hi. yeah, it's mark renton. Want to say hi? yeah? mmhm. Hi. yeah, i'm fine. why you ask? Gil? hi. yeah? yes. Hi. yeah. no, it's excluded. Oh, hi. yeah. Hello? oh, hi, yeah. Hi. yeah? You need something? oh, hi, yeah. Hi. yeah, i thought that was you. Hi, yeah, super. hi, debi, how are you? Hello? hi, yeah. Hi. hi, yeah, can i talk to forman? Cross? hi. yeah. Hi, yeah. l'm checking the status on a paper Hi! yeah, hi, it's me. Oh, hello. hi, yeah. Hi. yeah, we just wanted to stop by and say a quick "hi" and good luck. Hi. yeah, um, wel i, he's gonna play with us 'cause he makes nine. Hi, yeah, we're gonna need a claire replacement. It's nathaniel. hi, yeah, sure. Hi. yeah, but don't come down. Oh, hi. yeah, i know. Hi. yeah, hi, may i please speak with jerry brady? Uh, hi. yeah, i want to place an ad. Yes. are you vann? hi. yeah. Hi, i'm a big fan of yours. hi. yeah? Hi. yeah, but you're calling at a get off! give me that. Hi, yeah. i lost my credit card. Hello. hey, yeah. hi. yeah. Hi. yeah. Hi. yeah, i'll have a black coffee please, and � what's that? Hi, yeah. hello? Hi. yeah, there is a... strange woman standing in my office. Yes, hi, yeah, i remember you. Hi. yeah yeah. lily! Hi. yeah she's being admitted. Hi. yeah, she came to visit me in akrotiri the other day. Hi. yeah. it's dan trunkman. Can i help you? hi. yeah. Kaitlyn, hi, yeah. Hi. yeah, l just... l need a credit card, please. Hi. yeah, this is her daughter. : hi. yeah, look. Should i say hi? yeah. Hi. yeah a little help for a friend? i'm stuck! Oh, hi. yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh, hi. yeah. I'm angie. hi. yeah. Hi. yeah, hi, tom. The cop? oh! hi! yeah! yeah, we bump into each other sometimes. Hi, yeah, this is caroline conway calling. Hi. yeah. come on! Hi. yeah, uh, like i said to the other guy, i recently added phone service to our cable package and the rate i was given was one hundred and twenty nine dollars a month. Hi. yeah, um, i was trying to reach officer frank gomez. yeah hi