Hi there

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Well hi there, darlin'.", "Hi there. what can i do you for?", "Hi, there. hi!", "Hey. hi, there.", "Hi, there, soledad. or whatever."
Oh, hi there, snyder. Hi, there. how you doing? Uh, hi, there. who is this? Hi there. welcome. Well, hi there, gracie. hey, what do you think? Hi there, ladies. Hi there. who are you? Hi there. would you like to roll some balls? Hi there! what's your major? Hi, there, got a moment? what are you doing here? Hi there. what can i do for you boys? Hi there, woody. how you doing? Hello? hi there. hi. Well, hi there. Wow. well, hi there. Hi, there, christmas. Hi, there. jim carr. what's your question? Hi there. hi. Hi there. i'm sydney. hey. toby. Hi, there. i'm lorraine. This is helen moss. hi, there. hi. hi. Oh, hermie, hi. hi, there. Hi. there you are. Really? you think this is its way of saying, "hi there" to the people of the earth? Hi, there. hello. Hi, there. what's your name? Oh, hi there. good morning. Oh, hi there. Hi, there. how can i help you? Hi, there. how are you doing? Hi there. hey. Hi, there. this is christy beam calling from burleson, texas, again. Hi. hi there. nice to meet you. Selena gomez? and... hi there. Why, hi there, yourself. Hi there. i'm nurse norma. Hi there. i'm a nurse, okay? Oh, hi there. hi. But i just wanted to see you and say "hi there!" Uh, this is noni. hi there. Ladies. hi there. Hi. hi there. Hi there, jeepers, i'm rose miller, nice to meet you. Hi there. Hi there! how you doing? Hi, there. i was wondering if you like hot dogs? Well, hi there! Hi, there, mister. Hi, there. jamie randall here. Hi there, i'm dan patrick. and i'm kenny mayne. Hi, there. hi. Oh, laurie. hi, there. Hi. there was someone screaming next door. Oh, hi, there. i'm sorry. what is your name? john snyder. Hi, there. i'm betsy bugaloo. Hi there, how are you? Oh. hi there. Hi. hi, there. Hi, there. good afternoon. Hi there. going home? i'd like to tell you about a book. Hi there. how can i help you? Hi there. are you interested in the white house? Okay. hi there. thank you. Hi, there. this is mike donnelly, i work over here at the recreational center. "hi there, grandpa. happy birthday to you. Mary jo wright, texas. hi there. Hi there. you've reached liam hartwell. Hey. hi, there you are. Hi, there. hey, tom. Hi there. yes. Hi, there. i just have a quick return. hey! Hi, there. cannon fodder gwendy, reporting for duty, sir. Hi there. how about you? do you wanna dance? Hi there, quinn. yeah. hi. Hey, hi there. i was hoping you'd come back. Hi, there. i'm alexis. Hi, there, madeline. Hi. hi, there. what are we wishing you good luck for? Moral support. let's go. hi, there. Hi, there, soledad. or whatever. Hey. hi, there. Hi, there. hi! Hi there. what can i do you for? Well hi there, darlin'. there hi