Hi honey

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hi, honey. no, i'm not home right now.", "What? oh, hey! hi, honey!", "Hi. honey, i'm just gonna tell you right now, maya drew on your face.", "Hi, dal. hi, honey.", "Hi, honey. what's going on?"
Say, hi, honey. I got the chips. hi, honey. oh, thanks. Hi, honey. Hi, honey. hi. Hi, honey. what's up? Hi, honey. bye, honey. "hi, honey, guess what? i walked into this house today... Put that away. we look like tourists. hi, honey. Hi honey. d'you want come rabbit shooting? yeah. I'm home! hi, honey. we're in here. Hi, honey, it's mom. Hi, honey. i need one of those. hi! Hi, honey. hey, baby. Hi, honey! Hi, honey. i'm on my way home. Hi, honey. ooh. you look hot. Hello? hi, honey! Hi, honey. hi, dad. Hi, honey. it's mom. Mom. hi. hi, honey. Hi, honey. hi, mommy. Hi, honey, it's me. Hi, honey. what are you doing with mommy's phone? Hey, dad. hi, honey. Hi, honey, i'm on my way home. Hi, honey. let me help you. Hi, honey. look what i got you. Hi. honey, hello. Hey! hi, honey. Hi, honey, just calling to let you know... how much fun it was for us last night. Hi, honey, want some fun? Welcome home. hi, honey. Hi, guys. hey. hi, honey. It's not. i'm joking. this is christine. hi, honey. Hi, honey. been anxious to meet you. Marley. hi, honey. marley. Hi, honey. no, i'll be home in about an hour. Hi, honey, i'm at the strip. Clark... ? hi, honey. Hi, fin! hi, honey. Hi. honey, what are you doing down here? Hi, honey. hi, baby. how are you? Hi, honey. Hi, honey. maureen is leaving for cuba on monday. Oh, hi, honey. what are you doing in here? Always smiling? hi, honey. judging, watching. "look at the baby." "hi, honey. we have to move to a studio apartment. Hi, honey, how are you feel... what happened in here? Hi, honey. hey. Hey, pop. hi, honey. Hello? yeah. hi, honey. Hi, honey. we just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Oh, hi, honey. Hi, honey, i'm home! look what the stork brought us. Hi. honey, this is sheeni saunders. Hi honey, i'm sorry i'm late. Hi, honey! how's your vacation? Hello? hi, honey. Hi, honey! welcome home! Nice to see you. hi, honey. Hi! honey! Hi. hi, honey. Cyril. hi, honey! Hi, honey. what's going on? Hi, dal. hi, honey. Hi. honey, i'm just gonna tell you right now, maya drew on your face. What? oh, hey! hi, honey! Hi, honey. no, i'm not home right now. honey hi