Hi baby

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Mama! hi, baby.", "Hey. hi baby.", "Hi! hi! there she is. hi, baby.", "Hi, baby. just put it here.", "Hi, babe. hi, baby.", "Hi, baby. hi, you.", "Hi, baby. hey, sweetheart."
Hi, baby. He's five years old. hi, baby. Hi baby. Hi, baby. hey. Hi, baby. oh, hi. hi, sweetie. hi, marley. And don't allow the day here inside hi, baby. Hi, baby, how are you? i'm fine. Hi, baby. hi. Hey, mama. hi, baby. Daddy? hi, baby. Hi, baby. what's goin' on? Hey, auntie. hi, baby. Denise? hi, baby. Hi, baby. come here, you. Hi, baby. hi, sid. Hello? hi, baby. Gerry? hi, baby. Can you say hi, baby? hi. Hi, baby. what? Hi, honey. hi, baby. how are you? Hey, look who's back. hi, baby. Hi, baby. come on, honey. He's so tiny. hi, baby. Hi, baby, how are you doing? Oh, baby, thank god. hi, baby. Hi, pop pop hi, baby, boy, the last time i saw you this depressed was when you got stood up on prom night. Hi, baby girl. Hi, baby. you're new here. Nice. hi, baby. Hi, baby! Hi, baby. hey, sweetheart. Hi, baby. hi, you. Hi, babe. hi, baby. Hi, baby. just put it here. Hi! hi! there she is. hi, baby. Hey. hi baby. Mama! hi, baby. baby hi