Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hi, mrs. hunsaker.", "Hi, melanie, how are you?", "Hi. hey, hachi!", "Chris, hi! we've been waiting and waiting."
Hi. Hi, samantha. Yeah. yes. hi. Hi. l'm on my lunch break. Hello? hi. Hi! i could, uh, give you a ride, if you need. Hi! how are you? Hi. hey. Dean witter. yes, hi. Claudla: yes, hi! hello! Say hi to the camera, david. Ordinarily, if dill so much as said "hi" to you, you felt great... Hi. hi. Hi, theo. Hi. do you have the time? Yeah, hi, christof. Hi, there. i want to talk to you about ducts. Hi, it's joel. Hi. i've been thinking... there's something i want to ask you... but i don't think you'll understand why unless you know a few things about me. Hi. george willis, please? Hi, how are you? Hi everyone. Hi, vincent. i'm getting dressed. the door's open. Pepper. hi. Say, hi, honey. Hello? hi, it's me. Excuse me. hi. Hi! i am yuki. i spoke to you on the phone earlier today. ... you know, see you. say hi. Ajay. hi! navin. Hi, this is wendy torrance at the overlook hotel. Mm, big guy? hi. Hi! how are you? come here. Hi, it's me. Hi. oh, michael, nice to see you. Hi, mr. shelby. hi, mrs. jankis. Hi. hey, sweetie. Mikey. hi. yeah, it's mark renton. Hi, there. Hi, i'd just like to say one thing. Pink dot. hi. i'd like to get an order for delivery. Good morning. hi. Yeah, hiya, hon. oh, hi, dad. Me and pitts are working on a hi fi system. Annon edhellen, edro hi ammen! Vinay, hello dear! hi hala! Hey, sweetie. hi. Hi. buddy, nice to meet you. Hi, phil. Hi, lloyd. Before my older brother went to play football for penn state... he and brad played together... so i thought maybe he'd say "hi" to me. Say hi to your dad for me. Hey, rosy. hi, daddy! Hi, larry. this is dick. dick hallorann. Hello. hi. Yeah. hi, dwayne. we spoke on the phone. Hi, sweetie. hey, mom. Hi. how you doing? Hi, missus walters. Hi, dad. congratulations, son. Hi, jean. Hi, hunter? it's daddy. Hi, baby. Hi there. Hello. hi. are you deadheading? Library ''libary. '' hi. Hello? hi, is george there, please? Yeah, kid, why don't you start with "hi" or "hello"? I don't believe you met my mother... hi, i'm diane selwyn. Hi. i want to come with you. Oh. hi, frank. Hi. hey, christopher. Hello. hi, harry. Hi, i need dr. rosen. is he in? Hi, hachi. hachi. Mister dunne. hi. He said hi to you, shake his hand. Hi, dad? yes. Chris, hi! we've been waiting and waiting. Hi. hey, hachi! Hi, melanie, how are you? Hi, mrs. hunsaker.