Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "Hey, bubba, it's me, forrest gump.", "Hey, tony.", "Hey, boss.", "Hey, thanks for the beer.", "Hey,you.", "Hey, look, can we do this at sean's office from now on?"
Hey, paulie, what's up? Hey, you guys having fun? Hey, cy, guess who's here. Hey, phil? Hey, hey, hey! Hey there, buddy. Hey, hey, hey. Hey, sorry. Hey, man, you need a cab? Hey, mr. wonka, what's this? Hey, your makeup looks good. Hey, donnie. Hey, isn't that beautiful? Hey, man. Hey, guys! Hey, buddy. Hey, pedro, come here, you little motherfucker. Hey, there he is. Hey, there, pretty birdie. Hey, freeze. Hey, don't forget about this afternoon. Hey, big day. Hey, you okay? Hey, ma, we got chicken or what? Hey, they're chasing us! Hey, little boy. Hey, man, what are you doing? Hey, when you robbed banks, did you have to look for your car then too?. Hey, thanks a lot. Hey, kids. Hey, john. Hey, i'm playing for the home team, coulson, you and all your fabulous furry freak brothers. Hey, man, why don't you fucking listen occasionally? Hey, case. Hey, at least i'm housebroken. Hey, lvan. Hey, that's mine. Hey, powers. Hey, welcome home, vic. Hey, wait for me! Hey, fellas! Oh, hey. Hey, brother, don't you ever sleep? Hey, candy. Hey, you know what's a hundred yards away? Hey, diaper lady. Hey, girl. Hey, slow down. Hey, scotty. Hey, we stole a stretcher from x ray. Hey, girl, what's up?. Hey, you. Hey, guys, how's it going? Hey, you can't stay here. Hey, bye. Hey, hey. Hey, listen, i quit. Hey, i changed my mind. Hey, sid, will you relax? Hey, vincent. Hey, just cancel that shit right now. Hey, pierce. Hey, ambulance man, what you looking at? Hey, listen. Hey, how about a dance later? Hey, bo, what's up, it's me. Hey... Hey, red. Hey, jake. Hey, we all need friends in here. Hey, you've done a stretch in cashman, right? Hey, mikey! Hey, what's all this? Hey, little cheeper. Hey, how about a drink for you and your men? Hey, forrest. Hey. l know this. Hey, look at me. Hey, bill. Hey, little trouble maker. Hey, house is doin` well. Hey,you all right? Hey, les. Hey, hicks. Hey, anthony. Hey, ginger. Hey, look, can we do this at sean's office from now on? Hey,you. Hey, thanks for the beer. Hey, boss. Hey, tony. Hey, bubba, it's me, forrest gump.