Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hey! hey! hey! don't move! don't move! stay... !"
Hey, you wait like everybody else, pal. Come here. hey. Hey, wuertz, mayor says you're closing in on the batman. Hey, that ain't right. we should be on that boat. Hey, buddy, what's happening? Hey, jim. get a load of this. ... who gambles and gets in deep with the sharks. hey. Hey, sir. Oh, thank god, you've got a panic room. hey, wait Hey! l said get out of my house! Hey, sugar. how about it? Hey, clemato. patrick! Hey, what's happening, man? Hey, tony, why the fuck would l hurt you? l brought you in. Hey, walter, come on, it's smokey. Hey, logan. Hey. darling, come help oliver take his things up to his room. Hey, ted. And sexist. i mean, it's like "hey, thanks for the crumb." Hey, teddy! Hey, that's a nice shirt. Hey, uh, grease nolan, outta red hook. where you from? Hey, jimmy. Hey, there. Hey. Hey, avi. Big willie. hey, sally. Hey, fellas! c’mon aboard! (sporty) hey, mcavoy! Hey. look who's alive, eh? Hey, let's put him in there. Hey, mam, come and look at the size of this fella. Hey, any news? Hey, taylor. Hey, now, why do you work for the state? why not? you do. Hey, da. aye, it's gerry speaking. Hey, look. l love you. Hey, let them win a round. Hey. you were amazing. Hey, maybe you could fail together. Hey, look what's coming! Sorry i'm late. hey. Hey. hey you clearing out? Hey, l'm not a rockefeller, you know? not yet anyway. Hi. hey. Hey, you wanna see some dead guys? Hey, frankie, you mind if i talk to my fighter? Hey! That's fucking insane. hey, what the fuck you gonna do? Hey. we're going to bed. Hey, i don't know what's going on. Hey, excuse me, sir. mmmhmm. Hey, gordon. somebody here to see you. 'hey! hey, you! dang it! Frank. hey, man. Hey, kid, hurry up, the store's closing! Hey, what? the jacket. Hey, blair. Hey, look at me. Hey, you know, i'm glad you stayed. Hey, bigjohn. Hey donnie, how are you? Hey, is grace all right out front? Sammy. hey, yo, sammy. Hey kevin. good evening kevin. Hey man! Hey, babe. Hey, look, there's jack will. Bianca. i think she's unconscious, hey. Hey, nick? you got a minute? Stop it! hey! Hey, hey... don't cry. Hey, nash. Fourteen hours on a plane but, hey, who gives a shit though, right? Hey, jimbo. Hey! detective! Hey, wake up. Hey, puppy! come on! that's good. Hey. oh, hey. Lt's nighttime. hey! Email from amy. hey, theodore, lewman's having a bunch of people over this weekend. Hey, tony! thanks. Hey, do you know benny álvarez? Hey, dad. Hey, robby. everything okay? Hey, honey. Hey, spider, who that? what's up? Hey, thank you! god bless you! Hey. hey. Yeah, of course. hey, alan, this is theodore. Boo! hey, where did you find those? Hey, what do you want to drink? scotch, gin, rum? what do you like? (promoter #2) hey, jimmy. Hey, that is enough. Hey, just quickly. did you refile those docs yet? Hey. easy. Hey, come on. you divorced? you separated? she beat you up? Hey! hey! hey! don't move! don't move! stay... !