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Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hello? yes, i... i'm a friend of fiona ashton.", "Hello? hello. yes. ls mandy there, please?", "Hello? yes, i'd like to speak to linda brewster.", "Hello? yes, there you are again."
Hello! yes? hello! Hello. yes? Hello? yes? Hello? yes. fiji, please. Hello? yes, sir? yes shankar… how are you, brother? Hello? yes. Hello? yes, he most certainly is here. Is rupert here? shall i go and say hello? yes. Hello! yes. could i speak with president carter, please? Hello? yes, it is. Hello. yes. Hello. yes, sir, everybody's safe. Hello? yes, hello. ls david kahane there, please? Hello? yes, hello, ma'am, this is tom. Hello. yes, i want the number of the fbi. Hello? yes, hello, um, i'm calling for john. Hello? yes, hello, this is mrs. lipton. Hello? yes, would you connect me with the police station? Hello? yes, yes, yes, of course you woke us. Hello? yes, this is emergency services. Hello. yes. right away. Hello? yes, i'm calling on behalf of mr. paul rivers. Mary? hello? yes, james? Yes? hello, yes. miss roberts? Hello? hello, yes, this is ben stone. Hello. yes. can we get some paramedics over here right away? Mr. mcguinn: hello? yes, sister. Hello. yes, i need a taxi. Yes, hello? yes, there's... Hello. yes. what? mr. brewster, it went up! Hello? yes, it is... no, i'm sorry, she's gone home for the night. Hello? yes, er, yeah. Hello. yes, mr. taylor. yes, hello. Hello? yes, this is she. Arthur! hello, yes, it's mary soames. Hello, yes! with bells on. Hello. yes, l need a taxi to dublin. Emira? hello? yes? Hello? yes, honey. make it quick. Hello? yes. i'll try that extension for you. Thank you. hello? yes. dr. walker? Hello, yes. Yes, hello? yes, karen, he's here. Hello? yes. i can't really talk to you right now. Hello? yes, there you are again. Hello? yes, i'd like to speak to linda brewster. Hello? hello. yes. ls mandy there, please? Hello? yes, i... i'm a friend of fiona ashton. yes hello