Hello there

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hello, there. hi. excuse me.", "Hello there, ladies. i'm angelo.", "Well, hello there, eddie.", "Hello there. hi.", "... "hello there, up here!", "Hello, there! aren't you just loving it?"
Hello there. Well, hello there, chaps. Hello, there. Hello there, nicholas, frank butterman here, your new inspector. Hello, welcome to mcdonald's. hello there. Hello there. hello. Well, hello there, miss. and who might you be? Hello there, guy. hi, look. this is bar No, l'll freestyle it. hello, there. hi. Well, hello there. Hello there, georgie boy. Hello there. how are you? Hello there, charles. I'm here can you hear me? well, hello, there Thanks. thank you. hello there. Annie. hello there. Oh, hello there. Hmm! well, hello there. Hello there, little boy. Hello, there. i'm sorry to bother you. it's jon banks. Hello. there you are. i thought i was talking to myself again. Shit, scuz! hello, there? Oh, hello there. have a seat. Hello. there we go, there we go, there we go. hello. Hello there! Hello there. come on in. hey. Hello there, honey. Hello there. let me ask you a question. Hello there! best we don't talk inside, right? Hello there paddy, me old son. Hello there. hello there. Well, hello there, boys! Hello. there you are. Hello there. i'm right over here. Hello there. good to see you. Well, hello there, new fish. Well, hello, there! Well, hello there, young employee of the sidewinder. "colonel: 'well, hello there. Hello there. i would like for you to propose to tony. Well, hello there. how you doing today? L need your help with her. well, hello there, honeypie. Good afternoon, dean blodger. good afternoon, jenny. hello there, garp. Hello there, elliott. hello, mrs. driscoll. Hello there, son. Sandra, hello there. Hello there. i'm dr. hopper with the world health organization. Hello there. hello back... william bonney, sir. Well, hello there. there are no tomorrows, mr. pepperidge. Hello there, you gang! it is i, gustav. How do you do, ma'am? hello there. Hello there, prudence, louise. mrs. dahlgren, captain. Ah. hello there. Hello? there are children around. Of the family. hello there, hi. Hello there, boys. Hello! there she is! Oh, oh, hello there. do you know my daughter, violet? Hello there, scotty. Hello there, little lady. how are you doing? Well, hello there. how'd you sleep? Hello there. i'm eddie sullivan. Hello there, beautiful. Oh. hello, there. um... All right. oh, hello there, friend. Hello, there are drugs in his bag! Why, hello there. i'm with security. Hello there. i need to get to the back really fast. Hello, there! aren't you just loving it? ... "hello there, up here! Hello there. hi. Well, hello there, eddie. Hello there, ladies. i'm angelo. Hello, there. hi. excuse me. there hello