Hello mate

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Well, hello, hello, hello, mate. how's it goin'?", "Here you are, son. hello, mate.", "Hello, mate. where have you been?", "Hello mate. hello fritzen. you are gonna die!"
And john. hello, mate. Hello mate. Hello, mate. Dean?! earth to dean! hello, mate. All right, mickey? hello, mate. Sidney. yes. hello, mate. how are you? i'm just off. have a nice night. Hello, mate, how are ya? Hello? hello, mate. noel... Oh hello mate, alice and mark. what? Hello, mate. we're, uh, looking for sandy. Hello, mate, how are you? not too bad. Oh, hello, mate. how've you been? Hang on. it's your dad. hello? hello, mate. Glen? hello, mate. yeah, he'll do it. Hi. hello, mate. Hello, mate. got a problem? I could have been a boxer, but then, you know... hello, mate... i'd end up looking like some sort of potato. Hello, mate, it's pete. Oh hello mate, i know we've barely spoken, but i don't suppose you've got a giant urinating santa you could hang above my front door have ya? 'cause i don't wanna be here if his uncle shows up and we're like... "hello, mate. here's your dead nephew. Hello, mate. yeah, it's me, you crazy bastard. Hello, mate. happy... fucking hell! jesus, mate! Hello mate, how good to see you. Oh hello mate, here look i'm sorry about last night. Hello. hello, mate. Hello, mate. cor, blimey, she's half killed you. yeah. yeah. Dan. dan trunkman. hello, mate. Hello, mate, i just wondered if you have a spare room. Hello mate. hello fritzen. you are gonna die! Hello, mate. where have you been? Here you are, son. hello, mate. Well, hello, hello, hello, mate. how's it goin'? mate hello