Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "Hello, l'm forrest."
Hello, my iittle pretty, pretty, pretty. Hello, jason. Hello? Hello, beaufort. Hello?. I'm seein' who my friends are, motherfucker, right hello?. Say hello to a motherfucker who's inside. Hello, poppet. Hello. Hello, hauser. Hello, uncle harold. Hello, father. Hello, again. Hello, chess. Hello, welcome to our party. Hello! Hello, hello. Hello, mark. Hello, this is max cherry, cherry bail bonds. Well, hello. Hello, diana. The earth says hello. Hello, gorgeous. Yes, hello? Hello, dude. Hello, foxxy. Hello, doris. Hello, cutie pie. Hello, little man. Hello, absolem. Hello, carlo. Hello, neo. I keep thinking jake might just show up and say hello. Hello, trinity. Michael corleone says hello! Hello, men. Hello, adam. Hello, fellows. Hello, bishop. I mean, hello! Hello, forrest. Hello, mr. gump. Hello, henry. Hello, l'm forrest.