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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Good evening. this is harvey johnson.", "Yes! yes! yes! let me tell you the truth about harvey dent."
Harvey dent never made it home. Harvey, the last man that they appointed to protect the republic was named caesar... Harvey may not know you well enough to understand you're making fun of him... Harvey, harvey, harvey dent. Harvey dent. Twoface. harvey twoface. Come on, harvey. you're gotham's da. Now, where is harvey? where? Harvey dent's mostwanted scumbag collection... or the sweet and innocent civilians? Harvey, i... say it. The dna belongs to judge surrillo, harvey dent and commissioner loeb. But this is a democracy, harvey. To harvey dent. let's hear it for him. I'm sorry, harvey. Eighth and orchard. you'll find harvey dent there. You're the one pointing the gun, harvey. Harvey dent, scourge of the underworld... scared stiff by the trustfund brigade. Hello, jim. harvey? Harvey, you're right. I don't want there to be any hard feelings between us, harvey. Harvey? Harvey called. Harvey, where are you? where are you? When rachel first told me she was dating harvey dent, i had one thing to say: "the guy from those godawful campaign commercials?" I believe in harvey dent. Does it make you feel responsible for harvey dent's current predicament? "patrick harvey." I only have one question: where is harvey dent? No. rachel, i know you're his friend, but harvey, trust me. Is harvey okay? he's safe. Harvey dent didn't wanna give in to this maniac. Harvey, what's happening? Put the gun down, harvey. Harvey, i know these briefs backwards. well, then... Letting harvey take the fall for this is not heroic at all. You know where harvey is? Bruce. this is harvey dent. Please. please, harvey. please. I'm going to marry harvey dent. Harvey, just in case, i wanna tell you something, okay? We got him, harvey. You can't ask me to wait for that. it's happening now. harvey is that hero. Rachel? harvey. Until they get a good look at the real harvey dent... and all the heroic things he's done. Harvey dent, the man of the hour. Harvey, put down the gun. What if harvey dent is the caped crusader? hm? Oh, harvey, thank god. are you okay? Mine's harvey. And why do you think i wanna hold a party for harvey dent? Do you know where i can find harvey? Harvey. So where is harvey? "i believe in harvey dent." yeah, nice slogan, harvey. Does harvey know about you and his little bunny? What's your guess about where harvey dent is? Why is he letting harvey do this? Harvey. don't let him Harvey! It's someone else, isn't it? harvey. And then i started to pay attention to harvey... and all that he's been doing as our new da. Harvey. tell everyone the truth. Well, i guess no answer is a no. harvey. You don't wanna hurt the boy, harvey. Harvey. no! no! rachel! Harvey, i need to know which of my men i can trust. Harvey, it's okay. it's all right. listen. Some robber, or the son of a bitch who killed harvey dent? Jim gordon can tell you the truth about harvey dent. You killed william harvey and robbed that train in missouri. From the words of gotham's police commissioner... james gordon: "the batman didn't murder harvey dent. Is there anyone besides lee harvey oswald... who you think didn't conspire to kill the president? Have you ever met lee harvey oswald? Lee harvey oswald. I have received a harmonica... a magnetic poetry set... a book about harvey milk... and a mix tape with the song "asleep" on it twice. What if before she died she wrote a letter... saying she chose harvey dent over you? Lee harvey oswald, a crazed, lonely man who wanted attention... and got it by killing a president was only the first in a long line of patsies. I'll consider that, harvey. After extensive questioning and a background check... the bureau found no evidence that mr. ferrie knew lee harvey oswald... or had any connection with the assassination. L have... written a speech... telling the truth about harvey dent. Give us a break, thornburg. eat it, harvey! And if l go get a warrant for the investigation of harvey dent's murder? Harvey dent day may not be our oldest public holiday... but we're here tonight because it's one of the most important. The suspect, identified as a lee harvey oswald... was arrested by more than a dozen policemen... after a short scuffle at a movie theater in oak cliff. Harvey, we're on the air. L believed in harvey dent. Who grieves for lee harvey oswald... buried in a cheap grave under the name oswald? A man named lee harvey oswald was arrested as a suspect... then murdered yesterday by a man named jack ruby. You said leon was actually lee harvey oswald? The full name is lee harvey oswald. I knew harvey dent. And oswald. army intell had a lee harvey oswald on file. Maybe, for now, all l should say about the death of harvey dent is this: My name's lime. harvey lime. Harvey dent's uncompromising stand against organized crime... had made gotham a safer place than it was at the time of his death, eight years ago. Have you met harvey? Yes! yes! yes! let me tell you the truth about harvey dent. Good evening. this is harvey johnson.