Happy birthday

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Happy birthday to you! (congregation) # happy birthday to you # Happy birthday. Happy birthday! Happy birthday, honey. Happy birthday, derrick. Happy birthday, dear... hello, ivan? Happy birthday, bruce. thank you. thanks. Happy birthday. thanks. What's this? happy birthday. Mr. earle. happy birthday, bruce. # happy birthday, dear howard # Really? happy birthday, wally. don't call me wally. # happy birthday to you ## (man) make a wish, kids. Happy birthday to you take over. All right. happy birthday, emily. And happy birthday, cliff. Happy birthday, my dear. Happy birthday. happy birthday to me, huh? Happy birthday, man. okay. Happy birthday to you. And sing happy birthday for my daughter, please? Happy birthday. Conrad, what a surprise. happy birthday, nickie. Happy birthday. hi ! thanks, sweetheart. We're gonna sing happy birthday now. yeah. Wahey! happy birthday, smell. Ahh. happy birthday. Happy birthday, johnny. Happy birthday! thanks. Happy birthday to you Chinese niggas... pick up the cake... mush it in his face, tell him, "happy birthday." Someone we can all rely on. happy birthday, sis. Happy birthday dear... Happy birthday, gorgeous. Happy birthday, nathan. Good job. happy birthday, dad. That's great. happy birthday. thanks. So you had a happy birthday? Wow. happy birthday. Happy birthday, son. Well, happy birthday. Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday, dear oscar happy birthday to you ~ happy birthday to you ~ Happy birthday, homer. Happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. Happy birthday. that's my buddies. Happy birthday, old man. Happy birthday, gentlemen. how you doing, huh? Happy birthday, sweetheart! remember, no boys in the back. Whoo! ha, ha! happy birthday, son. Happy birthday to you happy birthday, dear dad finish with a flurry, come on. Happy birthday to you. happy bir... "happy birthday." Happy birthday to you and many more. So, happy birthday! Happy birthday. oh. Happy birthday, mom! happy birthday! Happy birthday. you're my style guru. thank you. ~ happy birthday, happy birthday... ~ Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday, oscar. Happy birthday, grandmama. Happy birthday, papa. Well... happy birthday, professor. Happy birthday, amy. Thanks a lot. happy birthday, andy. Ricky baker, happy birthday. Happy birthday, uncle walter. Happy birthday, leo. Happy birthday, michael. thank you, sam. Okay. happy birthday, mom. Happy birthday to you. this way, this way. Happy birthday, sam. L just wanted to be here to wish her a happy birthday. Peanut! oh! happy birthday! Jamie! happy birthday! birthday happy