Improve your pronunciation: search phrases in movies and watch and listen videos with them. "L want to show you something, mrs. gump.", "Hey, bubba, it's me, forrest gump.", "Gump. gump.", "Your boy's different, mrs. gump.", "Bubba-gump shrimp.", "Happy new year, gump."
Pfc gump? Gump, check out that hole. Have you found jesus yet, gump? Then, l'd sign each letter, "love, forrest gump." Forrest gump! Do you understand what l'm saying, gump? Good catch, gump. Forrest gump, john lennon. Gump, how can you watch that stupid shit? Forrest gump. This is my very good friend, mr. gump. Captain forrest gump. This is forrest gump. People call me forrest gump. Hello, mr. gump. Forrest gump, the gardener from greenbow, aiabama, My name's forrest gump. My name is forrest, forrest gump. Happy new year, gump. Bubba-gump shrimp. Your boy's different, mrs. gump. Gump. gump. Hey, bubba, it's me, forrest gump. L want to show you something, mrs. gump.