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What about dent? he's got any sense, dent's halfway to mex Got it. Davis, they got space. bring him out. If anyone's got pens, pass it along. His son's got the same chance she had. I've got a date with a pretty upset girlfriend. Anybody asks, we got him out. Speaking of which, you know how i got these scars? You wanna know how i got them? If you got problems with malfunctioning equipment... i suggest you take them up with maintenance, counselor. They got me early on. my mother's hospital bills... If you want this guy, you got one way. We got trouble, guys. I don't like that you got your own special unit... and it's full of cops i investigated at internal affairs. He's got some kind of a... We got you, you son of a bitch. Captain, we got a hundred barrels down there rigged to blow. and this. We got him, harvey. You wanna know how i got these scars? I got one. As soon as your office got involved my office? No one in or out till i get there. got it. I'm glad to see that you all got started without me. We got him. he's out of the game. Now you got the entire r & d department burning through cash... claiming it's related to cell phones for the army? I hope you got some moves, pal. Oh, thank god, you've got a panic room. hey, wait You got more chance of winning the powerball than running into him. My father's lucky coin. as i recall, it got me my first date with you. Listen, we need backup. we've got company. What do you got on the roof? What do we got? You were a schemer, you had plans... and look where that got you. Gordon's got plans. You got a little fight in you. i like that. I hear you got a hell of a right cross. You got rules. the joker, he's got no rules. Don't try and cloud the fact that clearly maroni's got people in your office, dent. No, but i know how you got these. I'm in a warehouse. they got me wired to these oil drums. Ηe got me on the ground, he tried to fuck me! We got our war! whoohoo! Listen, i got a subpoena. subpoena? We got it narrowed down to one thousand suspects. Gordie, i got something for you. You've got to move a little bit, feel the road. And sam got her letter from penn state. The bloke on the other end says, "we got this guy's little girl. Besides, i got a plan. Got the plans for the security system? And then you... then you got to see something very special. You got me all mistyeyed! I got a war boy... running on empty. You want a sign from god, after all this i finally got the message. I just got it. You got more in you! Aw, nuts ok, i'm glad we got all that sorted out. What has the old fool got himself into now? Jim, you've got to look at this. You got it. They've got to cancel the race. it's lethal out there. Y'all got camping supplies? I got two of them fuckers, man. i got one! I, uh i got you this... thing, um happy early valentine's day. We've got two stories here. All right, miss man, what you got? Tanner, is there any fucking lead on amy? i've got two of my best guys on it. Got to break the cables, daniel! We got our own story. You got ten minutes to make the last fucking chopper out of here, man, 'cause if you're not on it, i'm gonna be. We got eighty seven names. Got himself a drive with brm. Who's got access to it? You got to use your speed. But then when my mom got busted... I've got a ballistics report on my desk. They got close to de gaulle. You got fifteen years of blood and sweat and pain from my client... Everyone got upset. So, have we got it? Well, we've only got four for big boy here, so he's all but useless. Sure. what you got, man? Apparently, neil got sold out to us by this cowboy named waingro. I got something for ya. I got a favor to ask you, boss. All i want to hear from your ass is, "you ain't got no problem, jules. i'm on the motherfucker. Got a thing for messedup vets now? shut up. I've got a lot of fond memories of that dog. I thought everyone got shot in the men's room. Ηe got caught at a company warehouse full of hot items. Carl, they got the best french beans here. L got a room full of work. scooter won't do it. Yo, powell, you got a minute? I got a green light from walter ribbon... i'm supposed to present commodities to bromer. Which got me thinking, father, that whole type of situation is kinda like you church boys, ain't it? I got a question do they have a sheet on you where you're from? I got one beaver, hawk. I got to get to the overlook today. I got one, he's back there. It will save us both a lot of money and i got a felling you gonna need it.