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Somebody got somebody inside. We got this off the arkham surveillance camera. It was my fault he got shot. You got the wrong guy. I've got 97 cents. He's got to be stopped. Well, i told you i hadn't quite got it right. But i got me a rule. You got a 44 year old, gainfully employed black woman falsely accused falsely accused?. I got you. I've got something really important to talk to you about. I've got an idea. Got to go. We got reinforced. I got to get going. I got tossed around your house, remember? Sounded like you really got hot talking to that guy. You got one more drone incoming. I got it. They got work there? I got to keep working on you. You've got blue cross, right? I got the guys inside. We've got a lot of faith here. We got help choppering in. I think somebody got very pissed off. You got to want it. Believe me, you got every right to be. Got it. I've got some errands. Listen, wise ass, you got your own rules. The way i see it, you and me got one motherfucking thing to talk about. Show me what you got, nihilists. Before you got boring. Got the shingles real bad senior year. I got something for ya. We got a call. You got it. I got to think about earl. Looks like somebody got some new clothes. You got yourself mixed up with I got to go! Patrovita's got a big fucking headache. I got the leadership... Well, let's say i got one now, okay? I got to go. I got the diamonds. Got that, guys? I got something here you might want to see. Finally, i got something positive to tell her, she's gone. When i asked how you got assigned here, you avoided the question. He just got shot. Okay, you got me. He's the one who got blair killed. I was very young when i got married. I know you weren't the one who got penny in trouble. That's a hell of a swing you got there, noel. Listen, i got to go do this report. Marian's got a crush on alex trebek. I got you the bird. Got him. Oh, i got me five m 60 machine guns too. You got something better to do? I got a rash, man. We got company. You got any reason to be nervous around me? You probably got a great room. I got hit by a car. We got trouble. We got him! And if i never got to express... You got your rights. Fresh meat just got here. You got lost luggage, lousy weather... I got to check something. You see, we've got a good place to wait here. We got him, right? I just got in... You got stewardesses bringing you 50 grand. You got to walk away. I got a weak signal over there. I'll ask ned if he's got any room. I got tiger working on it. I think we've got the wrong house. So anyway, i got my gun drawn. Anything you want here, we got it. Got my technique down and everything. I got there as fast as i could. Dad, i got an idea. Hey, ma, we got chicken or what? You got a date wednesday, baby! Well, i got three pieces of work. Oh, you've got to be kidding me. Marsellus said you just got back from amsterdam. We've got a tricky situation here. Got it? Ain't got a clue. I just got here, actually.